Featherflight bowmen are being seen more and more on the move. Some even coming into town to trade for arrowheads and tools. They are a quiet bunch though polite and seem to be taking care to come south to Norwick more often than not. One or two have made inquiries about the 'stumpy' called Dwin as though reassuring themselves they are in the right place. Any who take offence to such terms are ignored and the bowmen swiftly fade back into the woods, sometimes forgoing the normal paths and gates in favor of the lesser used ways of the deep paths. Jiyyd sees some of the young barbarian tribe but they seem more skittish around the Legion compared to the Milita to the south. As for the Northern city of peltarch, none have been seen within the walls. The Gypsy camp has had a few of them come, almost always looking for the skald. They will stay to consult with him or attend a sun song and then they are on their way again. In response to this Jerr has been seen spending more time working in the inner camp on his bowyer skills once more as well as making his own arrows. <for more="" detail="" see="" the="" next="" last="" skald="">m</for>