Camp Bon Fire Rumors and Stories

  • Lucidious made his way carefully past another corpse, then looked back to Ponce. He could plainly see the priest was disgusted with the mass corpses. Lucid nodded to him, indicating they would be quick about their business. They followed the winding road though the camp asking of the Lady Jirka. She was nowhere to be found and none there had seen her recently. "This seem an impossible task, finding Lady Jirka" Ponce whispered as they paused by the collapsed mine. Lucid could see he was done with this place. Ponce looked back to Lucid "To Norwick". Lucid gave a weak smile and nodded. They turned and carefully made their way back to the crossroads.

  • Narfell DM

    A large man in black, gold and pale blue clothes can be seen sitting huddled by the fire watching the pryes. A small elf, clothed in all black, and a large hood conealing all of her head except her face approches him and after a breif conversation the elf leaves again. A few hours later several human men approch the the man and start to shout at him with several violant, death threats. As soon as these are made the man reachs for his back drawing his sword shouting the words, "Back off if you dont want want to end up hurt, i'm not the kind of person who you make death threats to over such a petty matter, tell your "misstress" that if shes got a problem, she resolves it civily". The men seemign to take the sword weilding mans size seriosly walk off without another word. The figre then shceths his sword and returns to watching the pryes burn, occasionly tossing another gnoll or two on

  • On a break for Tea and food in the nook Lilin asks Bryn if she knows what troubles Vine . Bryn just nods then shrugs mutely , very much resemblling Llach Blackwood. "Them" she says slowly , then adds they left around a month and a half before the liberation . Slowly Lilins eyes meet Bryns and she asks if Bryn meant Nawen and Kaona . Bryn slowly nods and sips her tea looking into the fire. "I am worried Lilin I am trying to keep him busy, but sooner or later …..................... why?in the name of the gods why , and to top it off I had to be the one to tell Lllach that his lady love Velven may have gone with them .He was to ask her to wed, now his heart is broken as well " She sighs heavily puts down the half drunk tea and trods heavily slowly back to the fires and the everfilling wagons .