Evil Roll Call

  • Login: Eledar Myr'Wynn
    Character: Ashan Nottiams
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Class(es)/Level(s): 10th cleric
    Residence: Gypsy camp
    Information: I shouldn't have to write anything here… 🙂

  • Login: Rashidi
    Character: Gasun Bacrun
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Class(es)/Level(s): Rogue 2/ Fighter 2
    Residence: Norwick
    Information: Basically Gasun is the kind of guy that would do anything for money and power. He does assassinations, robberies, extortion, simple thug work.. you name it 😉

  • Login : Snot Goblin
    Character: Jalael Orthold
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Level: Monk(1) Sorceror (1)
    Residence: Norwick
    RP Token: No

    Information: A member of the Order of the Dark Moon. Jalael is a devout worshipper of Shar thereby making him enemies with a lot of other people. A little obsessed with 'the Darkness' Jalael loathes the world thinking that it has brought nothing but misery since the dawn of time. His bitter past lead him to turn to Shar seeking solace and years later after becoming a part of the Dark Moon he has come to Narfell, seeking revenge on a world that he feels has wronged him.

  • Login: Wykith Centauri
    Character: Syne Bloodmist
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    (s): Sorcerer (7)
    Residence: Peltarch

    Read Bio for information.

  • Login: Nimbrethil
    Character: Eléndel Baenre
    Residence: below

  • Login: Phoenix_UK
    Character: Marianne de Marilesse
    Alignment: NE
    Class(es)/Level(s): Wizard/ level 2 (necromantic school)
    Residence: Gypsy Camp
    Information: Marianne lives among the gypsies relatively harmlessley… she hones her skills in the forests, and awaits an opportunity to fulfill her lust for power. Be it power arcane, or power mundane, to control the fate of others is her goal, before or after death...

  • Login: attlen
    Character: Ferrator
    Alignment: Lawful evil
    Class(es)/Level(s): Ranger 1 / Monk 4
    Information: A hunter and consumer of, primarily, faerie and their kin. Isolationist and agoraphobic, but generally calm and sadistic when confronted.
    Hates and despises children, but loves animals.

    Login: attlen
    Character: Ayrie
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Class(es)/Level(s): Ranger 1 / Rogue 2 / Barb 1
    Information: A murderer, a thief, and a cutthroat. Ayrie has problems will all figures of authority, but he has a knack for talking his way out of trouble. He has committed first degree murder seven times in Norwick and has never been caught.
    A fierce enemy of the temple of the Blinding Light.

  • Login: LordAzrael
    Character: Ashe Blackthorn
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Class(es)/Level(s): Rogue 3/Fighter 2/Cleric 4
    Residence: Gypsy Camp
    Information: Assassin of Cyric (pretends to be a follower of Bhaal, and hence is assumed by most evil folk to be a Banite).
    RP Token: Yes

  • Login: Jordash
    Character: Akira
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Classes/Levels: Rogue (1) Cleric (5) Monk (1)
    Information: He is a Banite…