Hinhold Rumors

  • Herein post all grapevine-borne gossip, hearsay from the Horn O' Plenty, and scuttlebutt from the ships in the docks relating to events in, around, or concerning Hinhold.

  • A group of discontented merchants and workers from Hinhold's various trading costers and its labor union gathered outside of town hall, demanding answers from the militia general Theobald Goodbrother about missing shipments. Pirates, it seems, had been hitting the ships transporting needed materials into the town from other trading ports along the shore of the Icelace.

    In the end, it seems that the HDL worked in tandem with a small group of skilled and concerned citizens to try and stop the piracy. It's said that the group tracked the pirates to their home on the small island of Rocky Refuge, and killed the leader of the pirates inside!

    Soon after, the HDLS Arvoreen put into dock at the town's harbor, and crates of construction materials began being offloaded, with work resuming shortly thereafter.

  • A middle-aged, more old than young, halfling is seen walking about smiling, taking a look at everything around, doing approving nods now and then. If you blink for too long, he's not there anymore, or he is, but you don't see him. Rumours have it is the old Lt. of the Far Scouts of Peltarch, looking for a quiet and nice place to retire to