Active Oscurans (OOC)

  • This is post is an attempt to see if there any active (or semi active) Oscuran PCs left, and those who wish to bring their inactive PCs back into the fray.

  • Alfred Mung, priest of Valsharoon, I have not played him in some time, only level 7 I think.

  • Liriana is still active, hoping to gee up some Oscura based stuff soon as PC and DM 👍

  • Samos Kyzanos

    Wet paper bag, also a noble.

  • Bronn Razenk - Level 14 Goon and overall shitty person

  • Verika Evrilla, which is apparently a shock to people.

  • Victor Duhrumm - priest of Velsharoon (backstory)

  • Frances Darkhaven - archer witch of Siamorphe and Kossuth with flaming arrows.

    Classes: Fighter 2 / Sorceress 9.

    Isendir Nain - Elven mercenary, scout, solid archer & rogue. Suspicious of faiths, pays lip service to Corellon Larethain.

    Classes: Rogue 6 / Fighter 4 / Ranger 1.

    Anheim - he's westerner who follows eastern mysticism, yogin ... not monk.

    follows God of War and Fighters (Tempus), and Moon Godess (Selune).

    He thinks, feels & believes that Tempus is also Sun god.

    He meditates and seeks Enlightenment on the Martial Arts Way - challenging gods by meditation and service - also by serving gods.

    'as one serves, one learns and gainst advantage.'

    Classes: Monk 12.