Death is the beginning

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    Victor Duhrumm/ Tpickles211
    //My character is already level six so I am not quite interested in background xp, just wanted to post up his background in case anyone wished to read it.

    The Duhrumm family has carried an interesting history in it's past. It's rise over the common man's name came with Gabriel Duhrumm, Victor's great grandfather, rising to the rank of black cloak within the Zhentarim organization, an accomplishment spanning over several Duhrumm generations to achieve. Unfortunately for Gabriel, his son Mikhael cared little for the Zhentarim and their strong affiliation with Bane. Because rejecting Bane was a strong act of heresy amongst the Zhents, Gabriel hid his son from the Zhentarim.

    Therefore Mikhael's life would be a fatherless one as he was stowed away from the Zhentarim as well as Gabriel. His life would be in the pursuit of purpose as the Duhrumm family line had been disrupted by the distance between father and son.

    One night while he found an inn to rest, he came across an old wizard wearing tattered robes. The old wizard approached him and said,
    "You have the looks upon your young face that you are without purpose.
    Therefore, fortune favors you this eve for I have purpose to bestow upon
    your form. You are young and strong. You fear this strength shall not last
    forever and thusly you must find your purpose soon before you lose your
    strength. Allow me to fulfill your purpose and bestow you with a strength
    beyond the abilities of man."
    The young man merely nodded to these words and then followed old man.

    Mikhael was led to a farm not far from the inn, and introduced to several other men in tattered black robes. After the introductions had been made, they gathered into a small barn and stood in a circle. The wizards around Mikhael began to chant and a man came in through a door. Mikhael could barely see the man through the darkness but could only make out that he had a large fur coat covering himself. The man stepped into the center of the room. He removed his cloak and began to chant with the rest of the wizards. The man's skin began to pale, his hands began changing into claws and his eye sank into his face. After a few moments the man turned into a wraith.

    With such a display, Mikhael became a worshiper of the necromancer deity Velsharoon. His purpose in life was now to travel the lands in search of other priests of the great necromancer and discover their sacred ceremonies. During these travels he was led to Damara where he purchased a home and settled into necromantic research.

    Slowly, the years passed and colleagues came and went. Among them would be fellow worshipers of the Vaunted Archmage of Necromancy, wealthy men interested in investing their shallow coin, but most importantly Mikhael met Thaela Lyonsbane, a wealthy priestess of Velsharoon seeking the knowledge of necromancy Mikhael possessed. Their common interests resulted in the birth of Victor's father K'ril.

    K'ril was a much more selfish person than his father Mikhael. K'ril spent most of his days alongside his father and mother in Damara. And it would be in Damara that K'ril would make a wife, Clarisa, and children. However unlike his father, K'ril's wife had little understanding of K'ril's research and faith as often a commoner would surpass a chance of faith for city lifestyle or career. Despite this difference, the two had twin children, one named after K'ril's father Mikhael and the other named after Clarisa's father Victor.

    One night Clarisa stumbled upon K'ril's research; fear grasped her instantly. As necromancy was not widely accepted, Clarisa fled to the guard. As K'ril understood his wife would try to destroy him, he packed his things quickly and sneaked out of the city with his twin sons in a wagon. His travels would lead him to the town of Peltarch where he would train Victor himself and send Mikhael to a monastery to study under the order of the Long Death as it was affiliated with his faith.

    Victor's early life was a quiet one; early on, he spent little time with his father as he was not of age to understand the necromantic practice. Upon his 15th year, his father revealed the family's tradition and Victor truly took to heart the family business and has practiced it to this day.

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