Jonni Aelthasson

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    (From Emerwyn's Fantastic Picture Here )

    Jonni is tall and well muscled. His pale icy blue eyes match that of his mother, slightly pointing upwards and with high cheekbones, giving him an exotic look and although he appears to still be in his late twenties, his eyes speak of someone who has seen much more than one should at his age. His blonde hair hangs freely to his shoulders and he is usually quick to smile. When not off on some adventure he is most often seen in the uniform of the Cerulean Knights of Peltarch, four stars pinned to the collar.

    His most prized possessions are the ornate dagger he keeps sheathed on his belt and the periapt that hangs around his neck, both bear the crystal ball with multiple kinds of eyes, the symbol of Savras the All-Seeing, Lord of Divination. Most know that Jonni is a priest high in Savras' graces, he is known to have involuntary visions directly from Savras himself. When heading in combat Jonni dons a suit of fine mithril plate armor, his plumed helm and his rune engraved longsword and shield. Jonni tends to move into the thick of combat uttering the prayers of his god as he does and although he seems at ease and skilled in combat, he is quick to grant mercy, oversee negotiations or even tend to magical research in the field or at home during his down time. He is a capable leader and often takes charge and although he disliked doing so in the past he seems more at ease leading now.

    Jonni lately has taken on a slightly more serious air to him, a constant limp in his step as he favors his left leg when he walks. His normally polite attitude can at times be blackened by a sour expression as he quiets and appears lost in thought, some attribute this to his leg, others may hear him speak about his thoughts of the politics in the city. Jonni has made it public knowledge by now that he sympathizes with the Autonomists and their views though he remains a loyal Cerulean and serves his home and all its people to the best of his abilities despite his personal feelings. Whatever the reason for his sour moods, they generally do not last long.

    All in all, Jonni tries to live life to the fullest while walking the path his god has laid out before him and although he appears to be the typical image of a knight in shining armor, law-abiding and strict, he is also known for letting out his more playful side at rare moments and the bright smile he wears during such times is a sight to see. When not off dealing with Cerulean business or adventuring with his companions he is seen downstairs at the Witch and Seer, crafting or reading books while enjoying a cup of tea.

    His immediate known family include Commander Lycka Zomasdottir of the Ceruean Knights, Aelthas the Pink Priest of Selune, his sister Nica Aelthasdottir, her twin Siri Aelthasdottir and his brother Zoma Aelthasson.