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  • Duty Bound

    Picnic in the Rawlinswood

    Guardian Angel

    Astral Twins

    I'll also take the opportunity to make a call for old timers that might have kept a copy of some of my very first works back in the day. I moved countries and changed computer three times ever since, so sadly I have lost them in time and space, and the links where I uploaded them expired.

    These were pictures of Tassabra, Kara DuMonte and Shane Andryl. If anyone kept a copy saved in their computers, I'd be delighted to pick them up. I made those several years ago and I'd love to update them with some of the acquired skills over the years.

    Regarding this, I found the old thread where I posted them in the past, it's this one (link)

    Like I mentioned, the links expired and I have the bad habit of not keeping hard drive backups when I upgrade my computer. I emailed to Imageshack but they can't restore the links, so as I said if any of you old timers by some chance saved them to your drive, I'd love to have them to update them. As incentive, I'll include the character of whoever can find them for me in my next picture. 🙂

  • Narfell PL

    Hah, that was drawn on my birthday, and I'm in love with it, no less.

    Really looking forward to the next ones!

  • Narfell PG

    Wow. That's an awesome picture, Emer!

  • Niiice 🙂

  • Very nice! I pity the fools that try to get past that axe.

  • The new work is in!

    Duty Bound

    The curtain raises and it is… Shallyah! This loyal Defender of Peltarch was devoted to the Jewel of the Icelace and made protecting its citizens her life-long duty, avid in her fight against evil and corruption, both from outside Peltarch's walls, and within. In this picture I wanted to capture her defiant and stalwart spirit as she stands at the gates of Peltarch against an incoming army. More than a real scene in the life of Shallyah, this picture is more a figurative concept that could be described as "Shallyah in a nutshell".

    On the picture itself, after seeing it coloured it feels like her axe's shaft might have fallen a little short. That's partly because I was afraid that Shallyah would end up looking like some Korean mmo character with a weapon twice her size and that wouldn't make sense. Besides, Shallyah is an athlete and not a bodybuilder, so a very large axe wouldn't fit so well either. In the end, I feel it's quite fine as it ended up.

    For Demonbane, Shallyah's armour, I used the model that Dermin hand-drew himself (You can see it here). I drew the important bits such as the balor demon horn and the general design but I skipped some of the detail, because I noticed I was taking too long and I wasn't liking what I was accomplishing so… kudos to Dermin for drawing something that was impossible for me to replicate. 😛

    There are several little details there like the "Key to the Jewel" she was given hanging from her neck and other little things. But I won't spoil any further. Here it is:

  • I've started working on a new one. This one will probably end up being just one character… because she had a lot of close friends, and trying to add them all without making anyone feel left out would be an overwhelming task. I'll see how I feel after I've drawn her. Will be updating soon. 🙂

  • Narfell PG

    Amazing drawing of Elaine and friends! I've always cheriesh the Astral Twins piece you did (for obvious reasons), glad to see this new one too!

  • I love it! It may seem like a small detail, but to me, it put just that extra little rawr into Nica, accentuenting the very well-drawn arm. 🙂

    Can't wait to see what you're cooking up next.

  • Small update here.

    I had this small thorn in the side for not having been able to produce anything decent out of one of Nica's signature features, the wolf tattoo in her biceps.

    And since I didn't need any complicated colour blending for it, I've been trying a few patterns in some free time and finally came up with something that looks decent-ish I think!:

    I already updated it into the main picture up in the third post of this thread, hopefully it looks nice enough in the whole thing.

    To wrap this one up I'd like to thank Karni and DrD for allowing me to draw their characters as I conceive them in my own imagination and style, and for being so thorough and patient with my requests for descriptions and such. I think "Picnic in the Rawlinswood" is now final and won't see any other changes. 😄

    Now, I might be brewing up something else… again, it'll come down to time and inspiration, and will likely be a tribute to one character I dearly, dearly miss.

  • @88205452da=Karnivor:

    Wow, very nice! I love all the thoughtful details, and Elaine's hair in particular. I also can't stop imagining there's someone else in the picture, hidden… lurking up in the tree where Nica is pointing. Insert Rasuil, Vick, Leena or Vash't, soon to be brought down by a spear to the behind! :lol:

    Who is the mysterious stalker on the tree? Dun dun dun dun!

  • Wow, very nice! I love all the thoughtful details, and Elaine's hair in particular. I also can't stop imagining there's someone else in the picture, hidden… lurking up in the tree where Nica is pointing. Insert Rasuil, Vick, Leena or Vash't, soon to be brought down by a spear to the behind! :lol:

  • Picnic in the Rawlinswood

    This piece is simply the product of free time and inspiration. I thought it'd be nice to paint a casual scene with this trio of adventurers just having a quiet and nice picnic in any random location of the Rawlinswoods, while enjoying each other's company.

    As with the other pictures much is to be thanked to Rebecca, a friend I made playing World of Warcraft (of all games!) that is such a magnificent artist, and she's the one that really brings these to life with her photoshop skills and has the greater part of the artistic merit.

    For those that haven't guessed it, the characters are (from left to right) Jonni Aelthasson, Nica Aelthasdottir and Elaine Xixia Rayfe. It was loads of fun to bring this one to life because it allowed me to play with a lot of details.

    One of the biggest motivators for me to keep going and actually manage to finish it was that it allowed me to portray things that the NWN engine is too old and clumsy to do well. Elaine's hair, no lengths of descriptions would explain as good how I imagine it as just seeing this. Her lich mask/faceplate/crown strapped to her belt ingame looks like just a dark helmet. Nica's cat-paw boots, Jonni's holy symbol of Savras, and so many other things.

    Anyway, before I spoil all the easter eggs and little details, here it is. 🙂

  • So while I've been finishing the setting/scene, I've also done some touches on the girls' faces. This girl looked a bit too cheery, so I toned that down:

    And this one should look more feral, and have pointier ears!

    My preliminary/sketch is 100% done by now I'd say. Now the fun (and slooooow) part begins. See you in a few weeks! 😄

  • Alright, progress is slow because the weather is great already over here and also I might have been spending a bit too much time playing Pillars of Eternity. :oops:

    Buuut with the holidays, the weekend and all, I finally got around putting some good hours into this and got some stuff done. For now it's just a rough sketch, and I don't even have the full scene. Some things are subject to change.

    I'll try to get more done this weekend and with luck I'll have the lineart finished and polished by next weekend. Then I need some help getting colours done, so it might still take anything between two weeks and two months. 😛

    But for now, here's a little teaser with the three characters that will appear in this one:

    PS: Yeah might have put more time into Elaine at this point… but eventually all of them will get the same treatment. Promise!

  • Narfell PL

    Maybe her sister? 😉

  • I'm working on the lineart for a new picture starring Elaine and possibly one or various of her closer friends. It's a slow process, and I will still need some "professional" aid to do the colour blending as I am just not good enough at it, but it's coming at some point this year hopefully. Keep an eye on this space! 😄

  • But can you draw Quelcoth, the unmitigated lord of darkness and tyranny?

  • wants a pic of Micah and Locrian, nose to nose


  • Amazing!