Xanatos Gambit NPCs (Current)

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  • Mercenary Harlow

    Physical Description: A man in his mid-twenties, with a fair face beset by stubble as well as a disheveled mop of curly black hair. His most distinguishing feature is the clever gleam in his eye. He is otherwise muscular and carries himself as well as his blade with alacrity, and wears an assortment of chain and leather. An iron pendant in the shape of a hand dangles from a leather string around his neck.

    Public Knowledge: Harlow works for a mercenary outfit operating in and around the nation of Amn called the "Iron Hand." This named enterprise has been allegedly involved in the slave trade, having used prominent shipping guilds as a front. The former leader of the Iron Hand was an arena master operating in the Amnish City of Athkatla. However, that arena master is now dead, killed at the hands of a Narfellan adventuring company. Leadership of the Iron Hand has been replaced and assumed by a mysterious and unknown individual. This unknown leader prefers to work through delegation. Harlow is one such delegate. The new leadership has also apparently made major changes to the Iron Hand's operations, notably ending the alleged slavery and focusing entirely on the recovery and trade of powerful artefacts. The most notable targets of this artefact hunt are the ingredients to the all-coveted Ambrosia.

    Besides his professional affiliation to the Iron Hand, Mercenary Harlow is a self-proclaimed cunning battle tactician and strategist. Whether this is or isn't true remains to be seen. During a stand-off against a band of Narfellan adventurers at the Witch and Seer Inn, Harlow apparently set up a hasty ambush which was immediately critiqued by the adventurers. Harlow ordered his outfit's ballistas be set up on a peculiar hill which meant he and his band stood between its line of fire and the adventuring party - rendering the ballista useless. This blunder led to his losing the battle, and having to escape.

    Thematic Music:

    Expedient schemes.

  • Deacon Sterr

    Physical Description: This older man has salt and pepper hair, an eye-patch over his left eye, and an otherwise muscular and spry build despite his age. He is frequently seen wearing blacks and yellows, in the typical attire of the Black Sails sailing company. He carries no visible weaponry, and is ordinarily surrounded by Black Sails staff and guards.

    Public Knowledge: Rumours abound about Deacon Sterr's background as a pirate and criminal turned businessman. Though evidence is lacking, many believe the man to have a history of illicit activity in Peltarch's docks, in Oscura, and the Pirate Isles in the Sea of Fallen Stars. Indeed, this latter location is where Deacon Sterr sojourned for the past few decades. The Both Sterr and the Black Sails publicly deny such allegations. And despite his intimidating reputation, Sterr has a certain gentlemanly charm.

    Some say Sterr has returned due to the failures of the former head of the Sails in Peltarch, City Council member Karg Hooktusk, who appeared to have sided with the traitor Jessica Whyte during that woman's hold on City Council and reign as defacto ruler of Peltarch. Hooktusk agreed to pay the heavy fines imposed by the Crown, leaving the Black Sails in a severely weakened position. That is, until Sterr returned, with resources, funds, ships and crew from his sojourn in the Sea of Fallen Stars. Indeed, in the short time prior to Sterr's return and the time since, Hooktusk has yet to be seen in public.

    Thematic Music:

    All business.


    Original PC played by FUArch, who has given permission for NPC use.

  • Lillian Aster

    Physical Description: A variety of fashions characterizes this young woman's attire, hair, and jewelry. The well-proportioned woman easily fills the striking yellow party-dresses, gleaming blue evening gowns, and the assortment of frilly blouses of her wardrobe. Her sparkling amulets and earrings lends a pretty air to her round face and large doe eyes. Her long legs find their way past her distinctive garbs to anklets and heels. A cittern is rarely far away, dangling from a fanciful strap or gently resting nearby.

    Public Knowledge: Daughter of Kalio Aster and Gloria Stoutshield, Lillian Aster is a performer of some renown in the City of Blackridge and the keep of High Hold. Following her musical performance at a well-remembered party in Blackridge, Lord Emerson remarked that Lillian was the "early dawn of the evening." Similarly, Rose Stockley has described Lillian as "a sun and fun kind of girl."

    Recently, after King Thalaman lifted all bans, tariffs, and restrictions on the city of Blackridge and High Hold, Lillian has been frequently seen traveling to Peltarch. She arrives in fanciful carriage, and has been greeted on more than one occasion by none other than King Thalaman himself. Rumors have it that the two spent the young King's twenty second birthday together. While Lillian is, of course, not the only young woman with whom the King spends his time, she is slowly becoming the one with whom he spends the most.

    Thematic Music:


  • Geoff

    Physical Description: In life, Geoff was bald and sported a spruce mustache. In his current form, he is skeletal and gaunt, and typically wears robes to cover his flesh-less figure.

    Public Knowledge: He used to be alive, until Varya Tiller killed him. Allegedly he was killing people to create an undead army. He denies this allegation and threatens to unleash an undead army on anyone who reminds him of it. During the confrontation, he apparently wanted to finish his meal, then a plate of rice and beans. This request was denied. These days, Geoff wants to watch the Nars burn, and consume whatever he can in the process.

    Thematic Music:

    Fuck the world.

  • The Lost Fivers

    Current Status: ???

    Physical Description: This group of Cerulean Knights was rarely seen outside of their uniforms, hoods, and helmets. Their faces and physical descriptions at the time fit those typically used for Cerulean soldiers.

    Public Knowledge: The "Fivers" were a powerful and secretive group of fifth-star Cerulean Knights in charge of Peltarch's classified Jill Special Facility in the Giantspire Mountains, before that facility erupted in magical flames following a devil attack two years ago from this, the Year of Uncertain Futures. Reports have it that the facility housed a mysterious device capable of opening portals to a specific pocket plane, connected to age-old magic potent enough to drive the unprepared to madness after prolonged exposure. Rumors suggest that the group escaped into the pocket plane before the facility's destruction two years ago. Now and today, there are whispers of another device once again active in Narfell that is capable of opening portals to the same pocket plane...

    Thematic Music:


  • Alfrick Visum

    Current Status: Gaoled.

    Physical Description: With clear blue eyes and cleanly cut dark hair, Cerulean Lieutenant Alfrick Visum carries himself with a serious and quiet air. He is more spry and adroit than he is strong and muscular. Close listeners to his voice detect a faint nobleman's drawl and accent, though it is obvious that he does not embellish or emphasize this aspect of his speech. Indeed, his tone is often concise, pointed, and clear. His cerulean uniform is designed to accommodate a spellcaster rather than a martial fighter, and is made of cloth rather than leather. He ordinarily carries many wands upon his belt, alongside scrollcases and a wizard's spellbook.

    Public Knowledge: Until very recently, Alfrick Visum was a Cerulean Knight charged with divination research. He saw very little in the way of combat, and focused the entirety of his work hours on his research duties. Visum's prior history is unclear. Fellow Ceruleans claim he is a local to Peltarch. Despite the faint nobleman's drawl and accent that close listeners detect, the man was not recently seen at noble soirees or royal dinners. He lived alone in the bottleneck apartments in the docks, until they recently erupted in flames and explosions. Rumors allege that Visum himself is responsible for this eruption. On a related note, further rumors allege that Visum constructed a powerful divination orb capable of predicting the future of many individuals. He sought some sort of approval from city hall officials for further construction and research of this orb, though his commanding officers and later the Crown rejected his proposals.

    Since, rumors allege that Visum constructed the orb despite orders not to. Visum then used the orb to plan attacks against certain military officials, notably those that opposed his research project, including: Cerulean Commander Lycka Zomasdottir, Peltarch Herald Damian Fisher, Defender Captain Sally Williams, Guard Captain Oscar Halbrook, and a band of adventurers. He has since vanished without a trace. The Cerulean Knights have revoked his four stars, and he has been identified as a criminal and enemy of Peltarch.

    Thematic Music:

    Augur danza.

  • 5th Star Cerulean Berlinne Toews


    Reference image (click).

    Physical Description: Her most distinguishing features are her clear eyes and persistent smile. Her black hair is relatively short. She stands somewhat above average height, but always tall and with a straight posture. She typically wears her Cerulean Knight uniform, the collar and lapel of which are adorned with formerly four, and now five, gleaming white stars, indicating her rank. Careful onlookers spot a rapier at her hip, and a light crossbow strapped across her back.

    Public Knowledge: Here is the Cerulean Knight that was assigned to work under Defender Captain Sally Williams during a Peltarchian diplomatic mission to Zakhara. Berlinne was tasked with protecting the mission from any manner of arcane attacks -- be they trickery, assault, or otherwise. This diplomatic mission returned to Peltarch after the city faced rebellions from so-called Autonomists who seek the return of the democratically elected Senate. Prior to the Zakhara mission, Berlinne lead an arcane task force against Talbot Anderson's mechanical forces. She was also in the Cerulean vanguard during the two demonic sieges, in which her unit banished demons that were summoned within the city walls.

    Despite her five stars, she is known to be a vocal critic of certain military practices. For example, she publicly criticized Peltarch's expansion into the bordering towns. Or, when Talbot Anderson was captain (and later general), she criticized his hand-selected troops, claiming that they acted more like gang-members and bullies than trained soldiers. Speaking more generally, she is known to be a stubborn soldier, often disregarding orders or indeed acting without them. Despite her penchant for disobedience, the Cerulean Knights have yet to strip her of her ranks. Ceruleans cite her results, such as lives saved or resources preserved, as a justification.

    Before joining the military, Berlinne was a member of the Bardic College, graduating class of the Year of the Tiger, alongside former 5th star Cerulean Arch Weyland and several other prominent bards. Some say she and Arch Weyland had a romantic affair during their time at the Bardic College, or in the military. Arch Weyland was executed for treason due to his affiliations with Smoke, but was later resurrected and exonerated as a means for the Crown to put an end to armed republican rebellions in the city, which were demanding for the return of his body and revival.

    It's become since known that both Berlinne and Weyland are the leaders of the republican Autonomist faction. They have been the driving force behind reform of the City Council, and brokered an agreement with Elizabeth Fisher to expand the seats on that Council to include additional elected positions. Some say their objective is a return to Peltarch's Senate, and government purely by elected officials. Though the veracity of this claim is open to doubt considering how closely Berlinne has worked with the Crown in the past to bring about reforms to the City Council. Lately, Berlinne has targeted the Guilds, and criticized their increased influence and number of seats on that Council following the bandit incursions during the Year of Uncertain Futures.

    Thematic Music:

    War hero.

  • Peltarch Autonomist Rebels


    Physical Description: Like you or I, the Peltarch Autonomists appear by all means to look like ordinary individuals. Old, young, male, and female, there have been all kinds that have joined their ranks. They tend to be primarily human, given Peltarch's history. The few and recent times they were seen in battle, they flew a blue flag that depicts a circle with several other circles around it. Apparently, the large, central circle is designed to represent the famous Senate round table, around which the Senators held their discussions to govern Peltarch. The dots around the circle are supposedly meant to symbolize the Senators, or the people they represent.

    Public Knowledge: The Autonomists are by now the most widely known open secret in Peltarch: a coalition of democratic and republican minded individuals devoted to restoring Peltarch to its former form of governance by elected Senate. Prominent Autonomist Arch Weyland was once executed for treason. Weyland's execution has led to sympathy for the organization -- sympathy which has helped them recruit. Prior to being publicly hung before a large crowd on grounds of treason, Weyland's passionate last words were a call back to the Senate in support of the Autonomist cause.

    Following Weyland's execution, armed republicans waving Autonomist flags took to the streets in either protest or rebellion, depending on one's point of view. Following an arrangement between the armed republicans and the Crown, Weyland has been since resurrected and exonerated. In addition, the Crown promised new elected seats on the Royal Council, with at least one elected position to represent each district. Many view this arrangement as a means for the Crown to put an end to armed republican rebellions in the city, which were demanding for the return of Weyland's body and revival.

    It's become since clear that both Berlinne Toews and Arch Weyland are the leaders of the republican Autonomist faction. They have been the driving force behind reform of the City Council, and brokered an agreement with Elizabeth Fisher to expand the seats on that Council to include additional elected positions. Some say their objective is a return to Peltarch's Senate, and government purely by elected officials. Though the veracity of this claim is open to doubt considering how closely Berlinne has worked with the Crown in the past to bring about reforms to the City Council. Lately, the Autonomists have taken issue with the Guilds, and criticized their increased influence and number of seats on that Council following the bandit incursions during the Year of Uncertain Futures.

    Thematic Music:

    Children of liberty.

  • Guard Captain Oscar Halbrook

    Physical Description: Oscar Halbrook is a middle-aged man with dark red hair and a groomed moustache that carries himself with collected celerity. His typically unconcerned expression is belied by his sharp eyes, which tend to focus with rapt attention on anything they deem curious at a given moment. His tone is easy and familiar with most matters, though it sports a faint drawl as he is wont to ponder the next word or phrasing to use in a given sentence. Those who know him know he likes to either chew or puff on a large brown smoking pipe. He typically wears the uniform of a Peltarch Guard.

    Public Knowledge: Here is the man that replaced former Guard Captain Lisa Braithewaite as the one in charge of Peltarch's Commerce District guards. Unlike his predecessor, he only very rarely makes public appearances and even then tends to keep his conversations brief. There is talk that he initially began his career in Peltarch's Far Scouts, and was later transferred to the Peltarch Guard to pursue detective work. The guards who have worked most closely with him claim he plays "insufferable games" with his direct subordinates, specifically the ones conducting detective work. Apparently, he often rewards the detectives under his authority "points" based on how well they're doing their jobs in his judgment, and claims that these points will impact their merits and demerits come promotion time. Whether or not this is true is questionable. Guard General Velhar has refused to comment.

    Those very same subordinates will claim, if asked, that his work tends to center around the stranger and difficult to solve crimes. Indeed, some have said he has a morbid fascination with crimes involving special amounts of deviance and violence, especially murder–although he's never committing any himself. His more scathing critics (including the likes of Defender Captain Sally Williams) claim that he does not take certain subject matter seriously and shows a disconcerting lack of empathy for victims and family members during his work, and an irresponsible disdain for ordinary guard work and patrols. Nevertheless, he has a stellar record of solved cases which lead him to secure a position as Peltarch's newest Guard Captain.

    Thematic Music:

    Macabre diversions.

  • Silvia the Fey


    Reference image (click).

    Physical Description: Silvia the Fey is a dryad-like creature with leafy skin and flowers for hair. Her skin is mossy and green. She has twigs, branches, and other vegetation that grows on her person naturally and often creeps and slithers outwards unto the ground and walls wherever she walks. So much so that she often blends with the natural growth around her, at times expanding it into an overgrowth and sprawl. Her eyes are austere, intense, and focused.

    Public Knowledge: Silvia the Fey is a powerful naturalist that belongs to neither the seelie nor unseelie courts, and in fact claims leadership over her own: the Deepwood Court. The Deepwood Court includes Aesso 'the Amazing,' Horgrim Blackweave, Daniel Sternecloude, and Alina Sternecloude. Since the unexpected death of Alina Sternecloude (rumor has it by the hands of Aesso 'the Amazing'), the Deepwood Court was once disbanded. Silvia the Fey's whereabouts were unknown for a long time since the disbanding, but has recently made appearances in the Narfell region. She is known to seek retribution for the crimes of Horgrim Blackweave against her home and forest, and against what she calls the very laws of nature. Silvia the Fey has driven Horgrim Blackweave from the Witch and Seer Inn, and more recently from Maria's Tower. She has been seen publicly asking for the whereabouts of Fodel Sedlak, as well as chasing Elvadriel as one of Horgrim's accomplices, negotiating with Leena Lynn Rayfe as a druidess, and bargaining with Roslyn Underhill and Isolde Garibaldi in the name of mutual friends.

    She was at one point rescued from the clutches of Malarite necromancer Korvan "of the Undying," who intended to use her grand tree in Deepwood as a locus to spread his undead blight throughout the lands. Korvan of the Undying was slain by Rasuil Delagim, Reyhenna Jorino, Leena Lynn Rayfe, Aoth Sepret, Isolde Garibaldi, Roslyn Underhill, Shesarai Foutopolis, and Artemis.

    Since then, in a series of events, the Deepwood Court has been re-united. Whatever serious disagreements between the members of the court appear to have been resolved.

    Thematic Music:

    The Deepwood Court.

  • The Hemway Nobility

    Physical Description: The Hemway bloodline is an moderately well known one, with most of its family members presenting themselves as the wealthy members of the Peltarchian upper class that they are. Lord Garric Hemway has hard features, thin but well kept black hair, with a pale and somewhat gaunt complexion. He speaks plainly but with authority, often sporting a shrewd expression. Lady Vanessa Hemway is a beautiful yet haughty woman, and is Garric's wife. She carries herself with an aristocratic demeanor, and speaks with a lilt and drawl of a practiced noblewoman. Jessica Hemway is their daughter. She is very pretty, but has inherited much of her mother's haughtiness when it comes to her demeanor and mannerisms.

    Public Knowledge: House Hemway is a noble Peltarch bloodline of middling influence, with a great deal of wealth to its name but very little in the way of prestige or power when it comes to either Peltarch's aristocracy and monarchy. Garric, the lord of the house, is a banker, and does very well for himself, although rumor has it that he wants greater influence for his house in Peltarch's political scene. He is the current lord of the house, and is the third generation of lords. Vanessa, his wife, is a known socialite, and thrower of various parties, soirees, and dinner dates. She is also known to have a temper and an immense amount of pride in her husband's family name. Their daughter, Jessica, is a bardess that attends Peltarch's bardic college. She is known to be very successful in her courses, although she tends to pick fights with other students. Like her mother, she is known to throw a tantrum or two when things don't go her way. Her father has provided a great deal of patronage and money to the bardic college recently. Beyond the three core members of the family, several other Hemways exist - cousins, uncles, and even, some say, a few bastards.

    House Hemway hosted a recent masquerade. The masqueraders were put to sleep and experienced a strange dream. Many of Peltarch's nobles and elite scoff at the name Hemway, presently. The man presumed to be Garric Hemway was, it is rumored, a fraud, and the real Garric Hemway was missing for some time until he was rescued by Isolde Garibaldi, Nuwairah Zarah'kifa, Belia, Rasuil, Ginger, Roslyn, and others. Apparently, House Hemway was very thankful for the rescue of Garric Hemway. The latter appears to have had a falling out with his rescuers, though. Apparently, House Hemway–especially its Lord--has grown more distant from the group of individuals who rescued him. Apparently, donations to the bardic college have stopped. When pressed on the matter, House Hemway's servants merely claim that the house's affiliates or relationships are not a matter for public discussion.

    Thematic Music:

    A family matter.

  • Horgrim Blackweave


    Reference image (click).

    Physical Description: Horgrim is a lumbering ogre who wears a black cloak, pitch dark hood, and flowing charcoal covered robes. His face would be almost completely obscured by the hood, were it not for his glowing eyes. The eyes glow green, illuminating his visage. He carries a brown staff and a spellbook, and is known to speak clearly and articulately in reverberating, rich, throaty tones.

    Public Knowledge: A member of the organization called "the Deepwood Court," Horgrim Blackweave has made a few appearances in Peltarch, albeit under a guise to conceal his true appearance. He is known to work for the greater stability of things, often speaking about the importance of structure and constraint. Some people have questioned the methods by which he goes about maintaining this "order." He used to stay at the Witch and Seer, talking very little to anyone who approaches, but was recently chased away from that inn by Silvia the Fey, who demanded justice for something he did to her home some time ago. He is known to work with Elvadriel and, more recently, Isolde Garibaldi. He apparently assisted Isolde Garibaldi, Roslyn Underhill, Leena Lynn Rayfe, Artemis, and others conduct some sort of magical experiment in the giantspire foothills. He was recently roaming the Giantspire Mountains, often clashing and conflicting with the local ogre population there. More recently, he resided in Maria's Tower, until he was chased away from there by Silvia the Fey. His current location is unknown.

    Thematic Music:

    The grim reality.

  • Aesso "the Amazing"

    Physical Description: Aesso the Amazing is a cheeky, smiling, bubbly halfling who tends to run around in circles and speak in loud, pleasant tones. Her hair takes on an assortment of colors, often braided or messy or tangled in some way. She tends to wear the clothing that her friends make for her, and has been seen in colors of pink, blue, green, and even black and red depending on what people have made her.

    Public Knowledge: A member of an organization called "the Deepwood Court," Aesso was originally rescued by Anna and Maria from a band of orcs. She made quick friends of both, and then later befriended Isolde and Fodel, and has publicly noted that she is "super happy to have awesome friends like these!" She used to live in the college in room A5, and is seeking to create some sort of "astounding artistic instrument!" that will "make everything AMAZING!" She is known to have some sort of rivalry with Horgrim Blackweave, although some say there is more to this rivalry than meets the eye. After her recent performance, she vanished dramatically in a bright white flash of light, and she hasn't been seen since. Talk of the performance was that Aesso used a dangerous amount of wild magic to "change the world" and "make it AWESOME!" Though the more scholarly and magely types reference pocket planes and planar influences. Some say Fodel still roams the desert looking for her, whilst others speak of dreams and nightmares and other cruel fates.

    She has recently returned from a long absence. She claims she took a "REALLY LONG NAP!" and that despite all of that, "I'm still sleepy. It's so unfair!"

    Thematic Music:

    The suspension of disbelief.