Ambrosia Crusaders

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    Ambrosia. The liquid manifestation of pure joy. A single tasting, apparently, has the lingering effect of causing wine to taste more sweet for the rest of one's life. Two can quench and overcome one's grief and sadness. And repeat consumption allegedly permits a mortal to live forever.

    The divine liqueur is scarcely available only in the high heavens of Mount Celestia. At least, until now. A secret recipe has surfaced. This recipe uses rare ingredients found in all corners of the Forgotten Realms to recreate the heavenly drink. Ingredients found in Sembia, Amn, Calimshan, Halruaa, Thay, and elsewhere still...

    ... but is the rumor true and, if so, who shall collect these ingredients first?

    Travel Faerun. Collect rare ingredients, subvert and deflect those who would do the same to you. Steal, fight, sneak, and disrupt your way to create your very own tour-de-force in prized Ambrosia.

    Thematic Music: Faerunian odyssey.

    DM Xanatos Gambit

  • Abdar, Silver Marshes

    ""Our league should be, must be, engaged in building an empire. So mighty that the orcs can be scoured from the mountains once and for all." -- King Harbromm.

    The Dwarven Fortress. First line of defense in the Silver Marshes against orcish invaders. As impenetrable as it was unwelcoming to outsiders. You bribed your way in with invaluable mithril. The Iron Hand struck a pact with the orcs to lay siege to the city - a diversion, to enable its sneaks to steal the Ambrosian ingredient. Two betrayals later, you were the ones who walked away with the prize. Yet the Dwarven lord will remember your insult.

    DM Xanatos Gambit

  • Heptios, Chessenta

    "Freedom is not taken. It is earned. Only that which has no value is taken without effort." -- Rhetor Tisiphoebe.

    The Philosopher's Square. Where the virtue of one's character is valued above all. A strange collection of logicians, legionnaires, and indentured servants - each in service to the city, one way or another. You convinced the former to free slaves, and encountered a recurring thorn in your side: the Iron Hand. Was it for the blood of their former leader, or something else? You acquired the celestial wine tannin, but Heptios legionnaires won't soon forget the riots you caused.

    DM Xanatos Gambit

  • Athkatla, Amn

    "I hate Cowled Wizards, Red Wizards, and Irenicus, obviously. But they've got good names." -- Wildmage Neera.

    The City of Coin. Under the thumb of guild oligarchy. The Cowled Wizards heavily regulate unlicensed magic. An arena-master somehow obtained a license for the use of magic for his gladiators. He was the leader of the Iron Hand mercenary guild, and a collector of rare artifacts. One such artifact was the heavenly vine of grapes, plucked from a rare Brightwater tree. You killed him, of course, and now the Cowled Wizards want you for questioning.

    DM Xanatos Gambit

  • Selgaunt, Sembia

    "Rich fat prima donnas attacking rich fat prima donnas. All that, I could’ve stood. I was used to it. But caught in the center of this fight was something fine, something noble and beautiful." -- Bolton Quaid.

    The Land of Merchants. A metropolis run by clan-families. Tello, di'Giovanni, Russo, and many others. Their pride, vanity, and violence matched only by their appreciation for fine food and the arts. In that midst you found it: a rare, special peel of orange said to originate in the empyrean gardens in Arvandor. You also deposed the criminal who'd acquired it through unknown means.

    DM Xanatos Gambit