Kayleb's Korner.

  • This one didn't really turn out the way I had hoped. The sketch was a bit off, and I put it together with a digital photo of the drawing instead of scanning it, so it turned out a bit fuzzy. Still the best thing I have that catches Marty though.

  • I've had more fun playing Marty than I've ever had with any other character in any other RPG I've ever played. This image is a bit of a train crash, but I think it caught the character. It's really just a cut and paste fest of different images I stole off the net. No real talent required.

    The original pic I stole to base the image on:

  • Thanks.

    This is some old stuff I did for Rei and his friends. They were putting together thier own PnP campaign and asked me to make some art for it. Again, not 100% happy with the way most of it turned out. Some of it was a bit rushed. And some of it I spent too much time on. Mind you … I'm never really happy with my own stuff.


  • Really good! I absolutely adore the throwing knife bandoleer(s) and the almost Clint Eastwood like look on her face.

    "Go ahead punk…make my day..."


    Awesome job!