Norwicks Town Directory (Updated: 12 Oct 2007)

  • A List is placed outside the barracks to let the townsfolk know who the town officials, militia, and scouts are.

    Dwin Dolvak

    Advisor to the Chancellor

    Advisor Arcane

    Counselor in Charge of Fight Night and Other Activities
    Tornar Redanvil

    Fendon the Herald

    Guards (Red Cloaks)

    Commander: Mord Cabro
    Lieutenant: Maya Bromley
    Lieutenant: Cyrian Loreweaver
    Guard: Locrian
    Guard: Elyl
    Guard: Wren
    Guard: Vescar
    Guard: Kresha
    Guard: Albryanna
    Guard: Devlin
    Guard: Farly Toebuckle
    Guard Recruit: Ivor


    Commander: Aelhaearn Gwynogfryn
    Lieutenant: Korali (aka - Bow)
    Sentinel: Jerr
    Watcher: Thorn
    Scout: Belin
    Scout: Briar
    Scout: Eranden
    Scout: Froim
    Scout: Raven
    Scout: Suldin
    Scout: Zeldor
    Scout Recruit: Elilian

  • ((updated 10/12/2007 - Dwin))