Posted in the Communal Tree

  • 1. The Welcome Gift to enter the camp has been decreed as paid in full by the actions of random adventurers who have made strives to assist the camp in the past. Guests must still be escorted by a Gali at all times, and that Gali will be responsible for their actions.

    2. No blood is to be shed within the camp, except in defense of a Romani or Gali's life, or defense of your own. All else can be taken into the pass.

    3. Those who do not live up to their oath to defend the camp against its enemies or bring harm into the camp willingly will be stripped on the spot of their oath, led into the pass and left there. They are not to return on pain of death.

    4. When merchants arrive again, they will be selling to Gali at a discounted rate.. winks as well as some nicer things. Profiting from this is not only allowed, but encouraged. You sell it for a -profit- though. Any caught giving it away or selling at cost… well, I can repeat decree three if needed.