• ((Only putting down unique items, not semi-common ones like +1 AC armor, shield, etc etc..))



    Ronan Redralen

    Sorcerer (14)

    Town: Peltarch
    Town position: Senator

    Northern Overseer of Spellweaver, Watcher of the Repose (Disbanded, but not yet lost)

    • Custom Items -

    Ronan's Fancy Cloak: +1 CHA

    Spellweaver Greater Sorcerer's Ring - +2 CHA, light (Guild)

    Slog's Enchanted blade: +2 spellcraft, +1 fire damage - A trophy off the demon known as Slog. The blade was purified and renchanted to fit Ronan's needs.

    Half-elven Warbraid: +1 AC vs evil, +1 will saving throw against mind spells.

    Heart of Valor: +1 AC vs evil, fire resist 5/-1, electrical resist 5/-1, darkvision, will saving throw +1 - Received after aiding in the final assault against the demons in the Rawlins.

    Spellweaver Adept Staff - magic missle (9) 3/day


    Warrior (12)

    Town: Peltarch
    Town position: None

    Henchman of the Black Sails

    -Custom Items-

    Dark Lady Blade (longsword) - +2 enhancement - Received after helping the dark enchantress get a duergar priest's heart.

    Minor Swash Buckler boots - +1 AC, +5 tumble (Guild)

    Staff of the Pretender - Shield 1/day, Magic Missle (3) 2/day, only useable by non-caster types - Found on the search for Ristalin's treasure. This staff was among the goodies found on the adventure.

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