• The characters of the player Leoparden.
    I will update the characters as I se fit.

    Total time on Narfell: Not sure, had some other logins that I can't remember now at first, then I moved to the north and lost my internet connection for about a year. After the comeback about the time Kronks was made.

    Lost most of those items in the "lightningstrike" so ill post the ones I have left and the new ones I have gotten when I find the time.

    Character token: Yes!! 😄


    Kronk the smarts


    Gypsy camp (until the guardians have their guild location)


    Active member of Guardians of Brigandia.


    Iron full plate, Brass MW Towershield, Iron MW greataxe, Fine Battleaxe, Goblin gutter, +1 Morningstar, Damerian Hallbard, Elm MW long bow, Song of serenity, Baalors ring, Miners helmet, Bandit bow, MW Brass Battleaxe, Cherry longbow, MW Cherry light crossbow

    (And yes, he carries all the weapons with him!)

    Time on Narfell:

    Not sure, but aproximatly since jan 04.

  • Gorin




    Squire in the order of the Divine Shield


    Reskinned Eastlander officer halfplate, cherry bow,

    Time on narfell:

    Sometime during mid/late 2005

  • Kael Darkriver


    Gypsy Camp/Peltarch


    Full member of the Keep.
    Cerulean Knight of the third star.


    +1 Scalemail (think I sold this one), Steel MW full plate (made by Maythor), Steel MW towershield, Fine shortsword, Eastlander Asp, Knightmares Point (guild item) Dark Cult Rapier (on loan to someone??), Elm MW longbow, Wizards Belt, Wizards Cloak, Winters Cloak (cold 5/-), Boots of Tumbling, Hafling Creepers, Amulet of Nat.armor (+1 AC), Gloves of Dicipline, MW Steel Defender helm, Platinum Short Sword (in PS chest 3 Defender HQ) Rune of Protection (Guild item)

    Time spent in Narfell:

    Not sure on this one either, but somwhere in the mid to late 2004 is my best guess.