• Time On Narfell: Since Early January 2006

  • Calvin Rose

    Location: Peltarch

    Position: Initiate Of The Sentinus Gondar

    Custom Items:


    Character Time In Narfell: Since September, 2006


  • **_Jeremy Steel

    Location: Peltarch

    Position: 3rd Star Cerulean Knight, Student in the Spellweaver Academy

    Custom Items:

    Blade of Thorns

    (+1 Enchancement, +1 acid damage [Cerulean Knights Item})

    Fine Longsword Crafted by Jonni of The Camp

    (+1 Enchancement)

    Silver Full Plate

    (+1 AC vs. Slashing, +1 AC vs. Piercing, 5% Bludgeoning Vulnerability)

    Masterwork Steel Tower Shield

    (+3 AC vs. Piercing,+1 AC vs. Slashing, 60% of weight)

    Masterwork Elm Heavy Crossbow

    (+1 AB, +2 Mighty)

    Lesser Gauntlets of Ogre Power

    (+1 Strength)

    Spellstore (Amulet)

    (Bonus lvl 0,1,2 wizard spell slots, -1 to all saves)

    Ring Of Fortitude

    (Fort Save +1)

    Mithril Ring embedded with Bloodstone

    (Crafted by Mecizq for Jeremy and 8 others, using mithril and bloodstone collected from a trip into Pandemonium)

    Invoker's Sash

    (Bonus lvl 1,2 wizard spell slots[Cerulean Knight Item])

    Jeremy's Travelling Boots

    (Endure Elements (2) 1/day, +1 AC)

    PNP Spells known:


    Character's Time In Narfell: Since Late February, 2006_**

  • Erugdish Greikoos

    Location: Jiyyd

    Position: Private in the Troff Legion

    Custom Items:

    Masterwork Iron Greataxe (Bloodmaker) (+1 AB, +1 Slashing Damage vs. Fey)

    Character Time In Narfell: Since Early January, 2006