Camp Bon Fire Rumors and Stories

  • <g>Fark me. Do I look like I'm from Norwick?

    A battered Benji spouts off a few more gnomish obscenities before stomping away from the locked gate.</g>

  • In the midst of the tragedy of Jonni's death, rumour on a small, but happier note has it that Lycka has given birth to two healthy, if somewhat prematurely born twin girls, Nica and Siri. Mother and babies are currently recovering at home, while Aelthas and Ragnhild fuss and fret over the three. What Jonni junior thinks of it all is harder to tell, as the blonde little boy still seems partial to smacking things with his toy sword, rather than utter complete and coherent sentences.

  • Cherry, when she is in Camp, can be seen with her own three rug rats in tow. Now ranging between 1 and 4 years old, they are more than a handful. She stays with her grandmother for the extra hand in looking after things.

    hhowever, when Lycka returns, Cherry can often be seen over eithe rhelping look after Lycka or offering babysitting.

    The lavender-haired girl seems rather on edge and watchful in the few moments she has to herself.

  • For several months now, familiar faces have once more been seen around the camp a lot more frequently, as Aelthas, Lycka and their little son have returned for what at first seemed an extended vacation. Camp gossips soon found out the real reason behind the stay however. Lycka's pale and weary face in combination with excessive fussing and protectiveness from both Ragnhild and Aelthas hinted at what later became apparant, as the young bard's belly once more started to bulge. This second pregnancy seems to have been a difficult one for Lycka, with both Jeni and a tribal healer often called upon, and Lycka herself remaining in bed for long periods. Wider even than her first time around, the time for birth can't be far off, and already Ragnhild and Aelthas can be seen pacing around in anxious waiting.

  • Though the words are kept low, Jonni is seen laughing heartily and clapping Celebring on the back before he and Jonathan stalk off to Jonni's tent.

    A runner is seen shortly thereafter leaving the Camp headed south….. carrying a letter and nothing more

  • _A rider in dark grey storms into the camp one morning, shouting for Jonathan. He circles the heartfires until he spots him, moving in close enough so that only those nearby hear them speak.

    Some recognize the rider as Celebring, unfamiliar at first due to the rough state he was in. Battered and bloody, cloak and uniform weather-beaten, and he is obviously worn out. Despite it all he is uninjured, though he seems angry.

    The two men Jonni and Jonathan persuade the battered Elf to dismount and hitch his horse with the others, agreeing to speak with them privately._

  • Marty returns from her hunt for spider silk, taking a moment to clean off a thick layer of yellow spider guts and blood that drips from her body. Upon hearing the rumour about trouble in the pass…

    “Oh Yeah, I just met a frost giant out there. Must have been a straggler. Don’t worry, I took care of him. Thought it was odd to see a frosty out this way. That’d explain it I guess.”

  • rumor goes though that a small group had came from the spider woods saying that they had killed duregar, frost gaints, bubears and some humans that seem to be working for the duregar in the hidden pass near the chain that leads to the rawlins

  • _Camp residents might have noted a particularily large group of adventurers heading down into the cold caves, lead by the well known priestess of Chauntea, Telli Thunden. Amidsts the disparate group, a smaller party of black and gold-attired men and women could be spotted, apparantly having been hired to assist in what is said to have been a recovery operation for a lost sword.

    The group emerged from the caves days later, sporting various bruises and frostbites and without the sword in question. Some might mention duergar, undead and ghostly spiders having put obstacles in their path, while others merely gripe about the endless walk through the icy corridors far below. The party soon breaks up, leaving only a dark-haired woman in black velvet at the heartfires, fast asleep against a treetrunk._

  • When Cherry is seen about Camp these troublesome days, she is hardly in true fighting form. She no longer has to waddle around, but she has one toddler girl and twin infant boys in toy. A handful fora mother even if the babies are does not make them make less of a stink and need less diapers changed, they often require less rest than their mother does, they make just as much noise when they cry their lungs out in the middle of the night, etc.

    The lavender haired woman is usually in some disheveled state an d is very grateful for any help her grandmother, Cera provides with babysitting. Cherry also makes liberal use of the spells, Mage Hand, Prestidigitation and Ghost Sound among a few to clean up tend to or just entertain her three children. Often remmmmarking how she wishes a spell would do this or Tenser's Floating Baby Stroller or…Cherry's Diaper Change. Then again she comments being married to an archmage must have some side benefits. He should research some of these spells for her.
    Most of these comments are often muttered under her breath.

  • Bards and common folks speak by the fires and inns of Ostertag the Coward! Rumor has it his strongest guard chalLenged Grag to a duel if won he would be granted passage. Once loosing Grag was invited inside osterdoggs fortress. Suddenly it is said grag was ambushed by 6 more of his strongest axe weilding fiends! "If grag can defeat 6 at once they must be weak! Look how old and fat grag is he can hardly move his feet!!" "His axe chopped them in two let us all join forces and defeat osterdogg too!"

  • _Aelthas and Lycka return from the Sisterhood, looking both weary and practically giddy with joy. The reason for such a mood is readily apparant from the small bundle in Lycka's arms: their newborn baby boy, proudly named Jonni Zoma Aelthasson, but most often called Jon or "little turd" for some reason.

    Grandmother Ragnhild seems about to burst with pride, eyes filled with tears every time she looks at the little pup, often stroking a hand over the few wispy strands of blonde hair on his head, or exclaiming in wonder how he has his great grandfather's deep blue eyes._

  • After being struck by lightning twice in the hobgoblin caves while helping to clear them out Snitch has been saving to invest in a pair of rubber soled boots. Also there is a rumour that he once cross dressed as a woman of noble birth. Not long after this rumour started to spread a Thay wanted poster of a said noble woman appeared tacked to a tree, on close inspection it gives the impression that Snitch has a sister, or the rumour is true… either way Snitch just laughs and points out that the dress was a light blue.

  • Cherry Holimion, a rare sight these days, being busy as a mother. Lately when she is seen, not looking so well, and at least once she leaves a mess at the Heart Fires. Rumor tells of the lavender haired woman doing so more than once on her beloved husband's very fine garments, much to his delight. Not long after, she not seen without a canteen full of tea, when she is seen about..and her baby girl. She almost never seen without her infant.

  • Narfell DM

    _After what appears to be a successful trip into the hobgoblin caves to finish them, a large group of adventurers, bloody and beaten come from the city, apparently having found themselves on the hobgoblins home island on the Icelace.

    Several dead are brought in with them, one of them not being an adventurer that left with them, that one being pointed out as the mage who controlled the hobgoblins and is responsible for so many deaths.. the body was dumped at Jonni's feet at the heart fires by Aelthas before the group went to tend to their dead. Later that night, the mages body is burnt in the camp for all to watch, to see the end of the threat of the hobgoblins.

    Over the next few weeks, the remaining hobgoblins are exterminated throughout the pass by adventurers and Warriors alike wherever they are seen, it seems a time of peace is coming to the pass._

  • Snitch has started to make a place for himself in the inner camp, located in a quiet alcove north of the gate. Currently he's added only himself, and can be found there when not being useful around the camp, Telling tales of past exploits or adventuring away from the camp.

  • A tear streaked Sarah finds her mother and babbles a story of woe. Tala growing very still and quite orders her daughter to Cera's tree and heads into the spider pass. Returning awhile later with the belongings of one traveler and at least one body she heads into Cera's tree. She leaves without her daughter looking furious. A short while later Sarah leaves the tree looking rattled.

  • _Lycka is thankful for both the tea and the cookies, carrying a small stash of both with her at all times. They seem to be working a treat too, the young bard practically glowing with health and vitality, happily humming as she goes about her normal tasks in the camp. Despite the now obvious, prettily rounded belly, Lycka keeps training and travelling frequently, though very rarely alone or after the sun has set behind the horizon.

    Ragnhild in her turn can be observed bringing home a wide variety of meat, mostly from large and potentially lethal animals, which she promptly cooks to a crisp and serves to her daughter, claiming:_

    "Have to eat strong animal for strong child. Now, finish your dire bear!"

  • Aramuil is often seen helping his wife in training or taking the baby off her hands for a while so she can train.

  • Tala leaves packages of ginger cookies with Ragnhild for Lycka. She promises that they help settle the stomach and further attests to the fact that they have seen her and others through theirs.