A silent visit

  • The night was cold as usual. Amaliel walked down the asleep streets, pale and quiet, silent as ever… He step lead her to the docks. The mood of the place was now familiar. And their was this man... the lost soul... She could feel the potential... She knew of his vulnerability. She had seen his despair, down there surrounded by Her darkness, unable to see it as Her gift.

    She had to open his eyes. He was close to the entrance of Her Dark Path. She just had to show him. She just had to teach him.

    She gave a slight nod to the guard and entered the prison. Her steps echoed faintly in the corridors. The walls were moist, the cold stone was crying the cold tears of the surrounding despair, she could hear the faint moans, some almost silent sobs coming from the cells. Most were asleep, tortured in their rest, the girl who took her there had no idea of the gift she had given to her. This place was so full of Her presence. Of potential.

    It was there... She watched from the corner of the corridor for a moment, her hand resting on the cold stone. She was taking her time, observing, drinking the mood of the place like sweet wine. Her silent observation ended and she walked to the cell's door where she had met him. He was not here... For a moment she feared he could have been released.

    A small cough coming from another cell attracted her attention. There he was... And awake. Lack of sleep... All the better. She looked at him quietly

    • ... 'lo? He looked at her, surprised.

    She smiled. And gave a small bow in greeting. Then pointed the other cell questioningly, hoping he would understand her silent questions.

    • Eh.., he gave a small nod. Evenin' ... Ye the lass with Elissa tha other day, .. oh , they moved me again , some stupid fight...

    Fights... Good, all this was really good. She looked around her, at the ground. Filthy...

    • Ye dont say much do ye ? he asked, taps his mouth with a finger::
      She crosses her lips with a finger, smiling at him.
    • by choice? o just no able te?

    She held up her hand, counting on her finger one, two, then back to one and gave a small nod. She brushed the symbol on her head slightly, a reflex now, every time she mentioned her vow. The silver under her fingers filled her with... reassurance. It was a simple jewel, attached in her hair with a silver chain. A thin crescent of silver forming a descending moon. A moon in a position of weakness. A moon about to die.

    He was observing her. He looked as if he had understood somehow. He didn't look afraid. Only sad... Only... Alone. How could he feel fear? He had nothing to lose.
    After a quiet silence, touched her hair slightly then the white part of her sleeve

    • White hair?...

    He was not stupid... Very well. She nodded then made her finger run on the floor toward the cell's door a few times.

    • White hair... He pondered a moment. Oh, Elissa come to me? Er, only once since I been in jail... He rubbed his neck tiredly. She send ye ?

    She shook her head. No she was not sent by the girl. She wondered... She pointed his chest, the bars... stopping to watch him questioningly, unsure of how to ask her question.

    • I've been in here nearin five year...

    That was not her question... She looks at the dirt on the floor. Well, she had no choice. As bad as she felt about writing, she had too make him understand. Reluctantly, she started to write in the dirt.

    • Why? asked the letters.
    • Oh... A sad smirk formed on his lips. I annoyed some magistrate lass, wench set me up an put me in 'ere.
      She watched her finger and wrinkled her nose.
    • Ye have un name?
      She smiled and added another word in the dirt then pointed her chest.
    • Amaliel.
    • Ah.. well nice te meet ye I guess. Dale...

    She bowed slightly. She had his name... good... good. She continued to write, quietly, using the dirt of the place to give her a voice she was not to use. Her pale hand adding silence to the place as her finger ran along the cold stones.

    • I was just curious about her curiosity, she wrote.
      He gave a grim chuckle.
    • Me too... And I'm curious about why yer here, no offence, just that ye visited me more times than some o me friends.
    • You are a soul lost in the darkness, replied the words in the dust. She smiled at him calmly.
    • Hrm, nice way o puttin it ah guess.
      Her finger ran on the stone again.
    • I was wondering about what it taught you so far
    • Ye mean apart from not to eat the mystery meat in the meals? Hrm... He paused, thinking.

    Smoothly, she wrote more. She didn't want him to think the lesson, she wanted to give him the answer.

    • Few are those who can live in darkness do long. Few are those who do not turn mad at this face of life. You didn't as far as I can see.
      He looked at her askance.
    • Well I thought I did earlier, he gave an amused smirk. But it were just some lass talking at me while invisible. I guess revenge be good enough t' look forward to...
      He shrugged and lean on the bar. Usually, she would have feed the flame of revenge. But the man in the cemetery had spoke of a woman in Peltarch. A woman of power and she suspected that she was the one who had put him here.

    She looked at him a moment and continued her writings.

    • Returning to light will be painful. She looked a him matter-of-factly. Did you consider it?
    • I guess, hrm , consider what?... Gettin out?
    • Your return. he finger was caressing the stone, letting the unspoken be told. And if it will be one of light. Did you think on the path you will take once you're out?
      He rubbed his head, trying to understand, only half sure he wanted to.
    • I can nay see past the bars lass... Not even in ma dreams...

    She smiled and reached through the bars to put her hand on his shoulder. He raised a brow, smiling a bit under the cold touch. Yet twitching, as if unused to being touched, as if in fear to being reached. She added some more words in the dirt.

    • You won't end your days there. And the path of revenge isn't a satisfying one. If you have no purpose when you go out, then your life outside will be worse than the life here.
      He shivered but nodded
    • I guess... Can no see past the bars as ah said , either way I be regrettin not killin the wench she nay care fer me to live , why should I fa her....
    • I you do not care, then revenge won't bring you peace.

    He sighed and leaned his head on the bars.

    • Ah guess...
    • I know the places of darkness are terrifying at first, then familiar... And once you have learned to see through it... She posed a moment and brushed his hair gently, passing her hand through the bars... Fascinating. she wrote finally.
    • But ah can't be thinkin o doin anythin, all ah can think about be gettin out..

    She smiled. He was so fragile. Just standing on the edge, cold and vulnerable. Lost and seeking guidance.

    • There is a voice in the darkness. If you can make your soul still a moment, you'll be able to hear the song. Her hand was flying on the stone. I silenced myself to hear it better and it leads one through the darkest paths and places.
    • I dont get ye , sayin this place be good?...
      She shook her head.
    • I say the place is maybe an entrance to a life you haven't seen so far
    • Un entrance?

    There it was, he was slowly getting there. Her finger was stained with the filth of the place. She had written on the walls, on the floor, erasing, writing, erasing, writing... Her silence made more obvious by his answers...

    • Your stay here already gave you a new way to see the world. She paused to look at him before adding: Am I wrong?
      He rubbed his head again
    • Ah guess not, just am un bit unsure of what ye mean....
    • I mean that your way out of here might not be a way back into the light. I can feel the despair in you. The anger.
      He mumbled, not saying anything, clearly feeling she was right... Finally he answered:
    • Well would ye be angry fer bein locked up 5 years fer somethin ye didne do too?
      She smiled and kept writing. Steadily bringing him toward the idea. Leading him on the first steps of Her path.
    • She needs those like you. Like me. I am sure you could here Her voice too. She is known to greet those deceived by their former life and to lead them through their trials and pains.

    She paused. He was troubled. She looked at him, almost feeling the torment of his soul.

    • I could teach you, she wrote.
      He sighed, leaning his head on the bars, a storm of feeling passing in his eyes. Anger pain, sorrow... Despair...

    • Eh... He mumbled a bit, tapping his head on the bars. , Ah...guess....
      He shrugged slightly, gripping the bars. His voice was a bit hesitant, but he had taken the first step. She put her hand over Dale's on the bars and smiled warmly with a slight nod. He looked at her at the cold touch.

    • Your anger is turned too much inward, she wrote, smiling gently. I will try to see if I can get you out of there.

    • ...Ye can..?

    • I can try. I know someone who has... she stopped a moment to look at him... connections. Her children are many. I think you could be one of them. That She took you to her darkness to teach you Her ways/
      He raised a brow still seeming a little confused, but nodded slightly , resting his head on the bars looking fixedly at the words in the dust.

    • Do you know of whom I speak? she finally wrote.
      He nodded quietly, tapping his head on the bars. She put gently a hand to his forehead, preventing him to hit the bars. Smiling, she reached to drop a cold kiss on his forehead. He blinked and smiled.

    He had much to think about. She had to leave him to his dreams now. She carefully erased the words with a peice of cloth. Looking at him, she brought both her hands together and rested her cheek on it, then brushed his forehead and his chest. Dale smiled a bit, raising a brow, and looked at his chest: She finally brushed her ear slightly and put her hand over her heart, faking to listen to a distant sound. He had to silence his heart. He had to listen to the silent song.

    • Ah will... he smiled, rubbing his forehead.
      She nodded and stood up quietly.
    • Ah guess I will wait here, he said with a smirk
      She smiled.
    • You'll be back aye?
      She nodded again.
    • Ah will keep an ear out, he smiled

    She bade him a silent farewell and slowly walked away, leaving him to his thoughts and to a new way to see his bars, his anger and his life.

  • She was not sure of the time it was. Noon and midnight looked alike here. She let her hand rest on the corridor's wall before entering it. The stone under her palm was a bit rough, and cold. It had the familiar feeling of a home found again after a long absence. Small things that she had thought forgotten. The slightly fouled taste of the water, the glistening of the walls when brushed by the light of a torch, the asperities of the rocks under her bare feet… Even the small winds wandering along the cold alleys carried a familiar scent. A mix of rust, of dirt, of old water maybe with a light trace of something rotten.

    A perfume of decay that cloaked her as she walked, silent.

    She felt the space around her widen before really seeing it. The cave was large and gave her a feeling of void ready to grip her, to absorb her. A brief, bittersweet shiver of anxiety ran down her spine.

    He had been right to bring her down here… She belonged here. A pity he had not met her caged bird

    She missed the prison, even if Her chant was clear and bright here. She had extended her visits since the first ones, not only limiting her attention to the fighter. She missed the eyes craving for attention. Any attention. She missed the moans, the taste of blood and sorrow that filled the air there. The violent scenes behind the bars for the food she left almost daily... She had to return there and to feed them. And not only their stomachs. Their violence. Their fascination. Their souls. She had to be there for them, quiet, listening to their whispers in the darkness of the cells. She missed their tears.

    She did not like the idea to go back on the surface. A breath escaped her lips, close to a sigh and she sat near the little pond. The waters were still, silvery cold, sending her reflection back to her. It would be so easy to stay here in Her womb, and to let them all rot behind the bars. But some could… Some would eventually see that in their cells lies the truth. Some finally would join in Her dance, and for those she would try to unlock the doors. And here… Here was the haven. A soft smile played on her lips.

    A light breeze wrinkled the surface of the pond.

    It was time to bring Her black flame down the cells.