Wykith Centauri

  • Talgris Caldason
    *Home and Location: Peltarch
    *Town Position: None
    *Custom Items: Dark Cloth (custom leathers), SilverOgre (custom fullplate & helm), BlackOgre (first mutation of the SilverOgre)
    *Time Spent in Narfell: Since Feb 2003

    Syne Bloodmist
    *Home and Location: Peltarch
    *Town Position: Inquisitor to the Senior Magistrate
    *Custom Items: Bloodmist robes (reskined robe), Rod of the Silent Grin, "Desecrator" Orb
    *Time Spent in Narfell: Since Feb 2003

  • Seeing everyone post on here made me look back to my old one…..and...omg...I can't believe I've stuck around this long. 😛

    Bottom line is, my first PC Talgris has been long retired, his items scattered across the land, and Syne has been appropriately wiped from my vault as he has been an NPC for over a year now.

    And...you don't get to know the uber things I keep in my DM avatar, so there!