Build Update: 878 e

  • Overview:

    Bugs (Any and all bugs)

    • None in this build

    Monsters (Including difficulty and Scripts)

    • New variety of Bandits added
    • New Hags added
    • Old Zhentarim Guards removed
    • New Zhentarim guards added
    • Duergar spawns added to Underdark Maps

    Areas (Includes all Enviorment changes and additions)

    • Giantspire Valley - Warlock Den - Deleted
    • Giantspire Valley - Maps updated

    None in this build


    • None in this build *


    • Craftable items reduced.

    Special Notes:

    • Craftable items have been reduced in order to free up memory, reduce lag and increase the performance of the server. This in no way should affect the rate at which anyone who is crafting will be able to train and gian points.

    The items that were removed were mostly Copper and items with a negative bonus.