Frudoc Sorn - duty continued

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    character name: Frudoc Sorn

    Frudoc was walking in the Nars Pass, had no idea were he was… He looked around saw some bandits prepared to attack. He thanked Yondalla for letting him see them before they saw him. He walked back went left, up a hill, looked around to make sure there was no one close. Made himself a good place to sit behind a rock. He sat down, resting, travelling was hard when you're wounded. Then the memories of the before day come up again...

    It was horrible, the monsters, with no kind of feelings. They ravaged, destroyed everything. Lots of fellow Wayward Wardens were killed, father murderded as one of the first, by group of 5 of those ugly honourless monsters. Before he could raise his sword or grab his shield it was to late, he was litterly ripped apart by ogres.

    2 Falcons were attacking a rabbit, that made him realise he had to move on. Those bandits and even worse things could attack him here. Frudoc got up and searched if he saw anything in the area, seemed it was quiet. He slowly walked down the hill, still scanning the envirement, went left again, away from the point where he saw the bandits. After some walking he went left again, he clearly left the pass, it's was nearly a plain he entered, only a few trees, but no hills or cliffs.
    Then Frudoc saw them, hobgoblins, one thing he didn't want to run into right now, before allowing a chance of being noticed he went back, into the pass again and went left, he sat down again. He assumed it was save there, in his back there were hobgoblins, but if the unlikely would happen and they would come his way, he could hear them coming. Anything coming from infront he could see coming without a problem.
    As soon as he sat down the sight of the hobgoblins remind of what happend that day…

    It wasn't a very special day, the group of Wayward Wardens were just travelling to another hin community. The camp was made ready, most were sitting around the fire, talking and drinking.
    Out of nothing it seemed a monster army appeared, it might not have been that big, but each monster that appeared seemed like it was the strongest of it's kind. Before there was time to respond they charged, they attacked very organised, the biggest group, the hobgoblins, went straight for the the men around the fire. Those hobgoblins were different from the normally, they carried all kind of weapons, from double axes to katana's and wielded them with great skills, it was horrible to see, none of the hin could do something against them unarmed, cause most weapons were left in the tent.
    Frudoc came out of his tent and ran towards his father, but he was already surrounded by 5 of the beasts, Frudoc saw how has father was slaugther. In panic Frudoc ran away, he ran for his life. Far away Frudoc dared to stop running and to look, but he couldn't see anything in the darkness of the night. At sunrise Frudoc went back to look, from a distance he saw the camp was ravaged… many dead hin, many dead hobgoblins and other monsters.
    Then behind a heard growl, it was a hobgoblin charging at him, untrained as he was he didn't know what to do, but when the hobgoblin was close enough to strike at him he raised his sword in a reflex and struck it at his heart, if these creatures have a heart.
    The hobgoblins fell forwards landing of Frudoc's shoulder...

    Frudoc snapped back to reality as he heard some people pass, they didn't look like bandits to him, merchants he guessed. He followed them, only after a short walk he ended in a town. He searched his pockets if he had some money on him.. luckily, he did, just enough for some food and a place to sleep for the night. He entered the inn, there he was told he was in the the town of Norwick and showed him a room. In the room he started to wander, Why didn't the guards raise the alarm? Were there any other survivers besides him? and many more things, but he got no answers. Then feelings of anger came, he was angry at the guards, angry that no one was prepared to defend himself, even angry at Yondalla, for not protecting them.
    He fell asleep lost in his thoughts, but the next morning he woke up without any anger, he just thought of what next and the question if anybody else had survived, he really hoped his brother or mother survived. Thinking about what next he could only think of continuing the work his father also did too, helping other hin in name of Yondalla, it wasn't an easy job, since his father hardly let him train, he didn't want him to train before his adulthood, which he reached just a few months ago.
    Then Frudoc got up from his bed and left the room to do what he was supposed to do, the time to mourn was over, at least for now….

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