• Anakore

    Home and Location: Peltarch 6th Batallion HQ, Tower of the Knights of the Cerulean Stars.

    Position: Lieutenant of the Knight of the Cerulean Stars.

    Custom Items:

    _- Lyonsbane Wakizashi (+1 short sword) - Bought as a regular +1 shortsword in Peltarch by his then-lover Olivia Lionsbane and reskinned to match his Katana.

    • Mystran Battle Glaive (+2 halberd) - Purchased for a mere 6000 gold pieces from Kara Du'Monte (allowed me to give up the Nightmare Edge guild greatsword to pierce through damage reduction plus looked totally original).

    • Blade of the Flowing Orchid (katana with +1 Enhancement, +1 Cold damage, +1 Vampiric Regeneration, -2 to Universal Saves, Bonus Feat Cleave) - Given to him by Jubei after completing his training (and before his disappearance during the Crystallis Draco Quest. Anakore got away quite well there.

    • Robyn's Bow (Longbow with +1 Attack, +1 Mighty, +2d6 Massive Criticals) - Robyn Jähnsdotter's longbow, given to him by Uthger after she died during the Defiler's defeat. He would have retired with her if she had asked.

    • Gloves of the Focused Mind (gloves with +6 Discipline, +6 Concentration, +1 Charisma, Bonus Feat combat Casting, -3 to Saves vs Death Magic) - Given by the elven wizardess Mel'hrus Jahn, main antagonist in the Crystallis Draco questline by Illuminatus and Zweiander. The gloves previously dulled Anakore's mind to the excruciating pain he had to endure when casting spells. Upgraded various times during the quest and taken away by Mystra once during his coming of faith.

    • Rune of Protection (organisation item - Cure Critical Wounds (10) 1/day, Displacement (5) 1/day)

    • Soft Silk Cloak (organisation item - +3 Concentration, Improved Invisibility (7) 1/day)

    • Barbarian Knight Mail (organisation item - Chain Mail with -30% spell failure and -40% weight reduction)

    • Knightmare's Twin (organisation item - Two-Bladed Sword with +2 attack bonus and +2 electrical damage)

    • Barbarian Knight Chain (self-crafted chain shirt - +1 Universal Saves)

    • Mind Visor (self-crafted helm - +2 Will Saves)

    • Nimble Feet (self-crafted boots - +1 Dodge AC)

    • Barbarian Knight Robe (enchanted clothes by Merin Wyerspell - +5 Spellcraft).


    Time Spent in Narfell: Playing since june 2003._

  • Updated after Gobble's last thread about item secrecy.