• ArUlric PCs

    (1) Mercy
    (2) Lady Aspera Chillwind
    (3) Perriwig P. Doubleday

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  • Perriwig P. Doubleday

    Home and Location

    Perriwig was born and raised under Peltarch's high walls, vying with their malicious neighbours the kobolds and generally using the Jewel as a comfortable, well-fed and civilised base from which to dart out on heroic and tricky adventures.

    Custom Items

    "Nightshade" (Nobody who examined Perriwig could ever be forgiven for mistaking him for a gothic figure. This amazingly light full plate armour was discovered in the kobold caves after a bout of fisticuffs and no small measure of heroics. Not liking the armour's gloomy appearance, Perriwig used all his fashionable flair to brighten it up, banishing the Nightshade for the sunny complexion it wears now. +1 AC vs piercing, +1 AC vs slashing, 40% of wight, 5% electrical vulnerability.)

    Masterwork Yew Crossbow (As a keen afficionado of the crossbow and a crack shot, this is the most important instrument in Perriwig's armoury. Always kept well maintained, adjusted and oiled, this swanky crossbow was once the property of a vile and aggressive Urdlen-worshipping gnome who attacked our buddy gnomish heroes and his friends, Caramella and Gilda, in the midst of Norwick. Pursuing the fleeing shrew, the malicious gnome was finally done-in, Perriwig greedily scooping up her splendid missile weapon in compensation for her malicious acts of aggression. +1 attack, +4 mighty, 80% of weight.)

    "An unloved mace" (Acquired from infamous pirate and swaghunter, John Isle, this mace was purchased primarily as a spot of curio, in consideration of the tales of the mysterious island on which it was discovered. According to John, the beasts grew to a vast size and aggressive verdancy, while underground, the cold, unfeeling undead drifted in the shadows murderously. This mace does not hang over Perriwig's fireplace, but stands in for his primary weapon until he can find something "more appropriately elegant. Although he gives it a swing as best he can, this is an unloved mace. +1 enchantment)

    "Badminton Partner's Ring" (A gift in consideration of Caramella agreeing to be his 'badminton partner' - how is that for a failed proposal - this familiar ring of jade casts a leafy green light and Perriwig wears it always.)

    "Garl's Gold" (A gift from his friends, Gilda and Caramella, this necklace was picked up at a gnomish celebration in the Silver Valley. Depicting Garl in showy golden splendour, the item is a touch trashy, and suspiciously unauthentic looking… but that is just Garl's trixy way. +1 will save, +2 lore.)

    "Bulbalimba's Belly Protector" (Another investment made at the gnomish festival, this rothe-hide and steel belt is graced by a shiny central buckle, protecting the portlier gentleman's soft, middle portions from the spiteful jabbing of judgemental fingers or the more lethal risk of a dagger. +2 AC vs piercing, Only usable by characters with large phenotype.)

    More Generic Magical Artefacts
    Gloves of Discipline
    Amulet of Natural Armour
    Winter Wolf Boots
    Cloak of Venom's Bite
    Fine Large Shield

    Time Spent in Narfell
    Mercy has been in Narfell from some time in 2006.

  • Lady Aspera Chillwind
    Departed, mythic…

    Home and Location

    After many many years in Narfell, Lady Aspera Chillwind has disappeared for good. Those who consult her Collected Works might postulate that she has returned to her former home, Tor Thanan, in an attempt to return the broken spire to its grandeur.

    Town Position

    Formerly Magistrate of Peltarch, Member of Spellweaver Keep, Former Inquisitor of Oscura

    Custom Items

    I shall relate what items she had before she left. Some of these are still, at present, floating in the arcane ether in the Narfell Region.

    Spellweaver Spellslayer Robes (Purchased at the same time as Senator Ayanie and redyed in her heraldry, the robes have interrupted numerous arrows launched at the dear lady. 10/- piercing resist, 1/day Protection from Elements)

    Robe of Fire Resistance (Purchased from Nico Black and rehued in a more Aurilite fashion, 15/- fire resistance)

    Spellweaver Sorcerer Ring (+1 Charisma, blue light)

    Crafted Smooth Bronze Fire Opal Amulet (Given as loot in an adventure I was not privy to, and smuggled into Aspera's possession at exorbitant cost. +2 Charisma, - 1 Dexterity, 5% Fire Vulnerability, 5/- Acid Resistance, +1 Fortitude)

    Ring of Sorcery (Acquired in exchange for a rare jewel in Peltarch, +3 Level 2 Sorcerer Spell Slots.)

    The Wretched Book (Purchased from a reluctant Hemrod. Contains texts used to summon devils and other malificia)

    Boots Made for Walking (Ensorcelled from Winter Wolf Pelts, +1 Fortitude)

    Cloak of Protection Against Good (A gift from Clandra Galpen, who proclaimed it was of no use to her, +2 AC vrs Good.)

    Aspera's Power (Not so much an item, but the result of Aspera selling her soul to a devil in return for power. This contract was subsequently broken by the interference of an agent of Asmodeus, and the debt assigned to the more prominent Devil. Finger of Death 1/day)

    Wands of Stoneskin & Icestorm (Varying charges. Acquired, alongside a substantial amount of gold during the Thayan Peltarch Plot, when Aspera was apparently tortured alongside the now deceased Senator, Ayanie. In reality, Aspera cut a deal with the Thayans while Ayanie was tortured.)

    Ring of the Black Hearted (Shields the wielder's spirit when worn from the intrusion of paladins.)

    Rod of the Silent Grin (A gift from the senator and murderer Syne Bloodmist and an aspect of Aspera's increasing involvement with the Cult of Asmodeus in Peltarch. Charm Person 3/day, Improved Invisibility 1/day, Silence 1/day)

    Elven War Braid, Elven Longbow (Purchases made from the days when the Elven Camp remained at ,the heart of the Rawlinswood, before an explosive encounter with kegs, Bruno Galpen and Tallossian enthusiasm from fiery chaos)

    Wizard's Belt
    Gloves of Concentration
    Fine Longsword

    Time Spent in Narfell

    • Aspera has been in Narfell from some time in 2002.

  • Mercy

    Home and Location

    Mercy generally prefers the port, the tingle of Umberlee's phosphorous in her flared nostrils - but has been spotted well in land in Norwick. In particular, since the geomorphic changes on heels of the N'Jasti War and its arcane fallout, Mercy is a more regular visitor to the boat-reachable parts of the land, her peg's sharp report on the wharf presumably a sound few anticipate with relish. Having been throttled by law and order in Peltarch for the cold-blooded and casual murder of a Talossian cleric, Mercy has moved to Oscura and the Black Sails operation there. Increasingly, she is to be found loitering about the underground town's Icelace Cavern.


    Priestess of the Bitch Queen, Member of the Black Sails Trading Coster

    Custom Items

    Seashell Armour (Unremarked upon by civilised folk from sunlit reaches, years ago an interfaith, interfish conflict blew upon between Umberlee's clergy in Oscura and a local fishwife of the Kuo Toa, struggling for influence. An internecine war between the factions generated lots of dead fishfolk, and this set of armour, blessed by a High Priestess of Umberlee. Despite being as thick as metallic full-plate, it is made entirely of shells, knitted together in a multicoloured protective carapace for the crab-like Mercy. +1 AC, +1 saving throws vs cold, Spell Resistance 10, 80% of weight, only usable by Chaotic Evil.)

    Clam Shell Helmet (Made from a giant clamshell which you literally, stick your head in, this helmet was also retrieved from the fishwife, completing Mercy's attractive combo. Its an ugly and threatening looking piece. In full shell fig, Mercy resembles something dredged up from the cruel deeps, fraggled with seaweed and reeking of salt and old fish heads. +1 Wisdom, -1 Charisma, +3 Intimidate, only usable by Chaotic Evil.)

    "Aunty Betty" Sharktooth Cutlass (Acquired after a good deal of lootery and theft from the Black Sails, enchanting a blade crafted by Rando. Mercy forgot the name he gave it, so called it Betty instead. "Aunt" is a promotion, representing it's spice of magic. Sold Dowcher Wand to fund it's enhancement. Enchanted +1 Scimitar, Taunt +5, +2 Cold Damage.)

    "Pepper" (Bizarrely, found lying on the ground behind the Sisterhood, this small bow caught Mercy's eye and she nabbed it whippity quick. +1 Composite Shortbow, +1 AB, Mighty +3.)

    Birdskull Talisman (An evil-looking thing, Mercy traded this necklace with fellow Umberlee priestess, Sedea Sterr, in exchange for a gem much desired by the latter - which Mercy swallowed for spite. Quite what her digestive system did to the unfortunate jewel, is probably best not speculated on. -1 Charisma, Spell focus: Necromancy, Only usable by Evil, Cleric.)

    Greater Swashbuckling Boot (After having one of her limbs chopped off in return for divine resurrection, Mercy only requires one magic boot to hop along. This is standard-issue, Black Sails footwear.)

    Locked Gauntlets (+1 AC, +4 Discipline.)

    Peculiar Disk (This odd, and heavy disk weighs in at 10.5 lbs, the only mark on it an 'x'. When coaxed, it casts prayer 1/day. Mercy understands nothing of the disc's significance however, nor whatever fell properties may be linger in its mysterious substance.)

    More Generic Magical Artefacts
    Cloak of Fire's Kiss
    Ring of Scholars
    Ring of Protection
    Belt of Stability
    Greatsword +1
    Amulet of Natural Armour
    Masterwork Steel Tower Shield

    Time Spent in Narfell
    Mercy has been in Narfell from some time in 2006.