Carl Torrows

  • Gamespy Id: RangerFriend
    Name:Carl Torrows

    Physical Appearance:
    Carl has tan colored skin and deep blue eyes. His hair is a dark brown color. He has many scars across his body from many battles fought. He is usually found in woodland areas, walking along the paths of the animals. He is a halfling, short and full of spirit.

    Story/Personal Traits: Carl comes from a small forested area to the north of Narfell. The people in his family were all servants of the wood, druids and rangers. Carl trained day and night, learning the ways of the wood from his parents and older siblings. His family were devout worshippers of Mielikki, and taught him here ways too. When he was adult his parents wanted him to explore new lands. He then set out for Narfell, to discover the different natural elements there.

    Other things about Carl: He likes deer and stealing chickens from Fine. 😛

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