Dark Harvest

  • Many have heard of it, many have not. The Zhentarim has been selling Sorien's Dark Harvest across the land for a while now.

    In hopes to not have to drop the wares everytime, I'm posting them here.:)

    Sin Berries

    "Deep black berries covered in a thin, transparent, oily substance that smells and tastes distinctly like human blood."

    They come in sprigs of one-four

    1. Cure light wounds: 30gp/ 10gp
    2. Cure mod wounds: 100gp/ 50gp
    3. Cure serious wounds: 250gp/ 100gp
    4. Cure critical wounds: 500gp/ 200gp

    Eveything below sells for 150gp./ 75gp

    Dark Harvest Buds

    "These sour buds sharpen hand-eye coordination, relax the imbuer's muscles and highten tactile sensibility, causing a significant increase in reflexes and response time."

    Cat's grace (3)

    Dark Harvest Nuts

    "These nuts, grown in the dark caves of Oscura taste bitter and dry. Once stomached however they produce a sensation of health and well being for a few hours."

    Endurance (3)

    Forbidden Fruit

    _"This pulpy fruit has a very potent but pleasant taste. It is said that eating it opens one's eyes to "the beyond".

    This fruit is usually passed around during important religious rituals and at certain private 'gatherings'."_

    Owl's Wisdom (3)

    Seeds of Rage

    "These little gruesomely foul tasting seeds cause the imbuer's muscles expand and become tight knit, creating a noticeable increase in strength for a few hours."

    Bull Strength (3)

    Tamarind Sprig

    "This plant is normally chewed to extract the acidic juices that it excretes. The plant is known to stimulate the mind and make it more focused and alert."

    Fox's Cunning (3)

    Winter Solstice Nuts

    "These sweet nuts grown only at the precise time before the winter solstice give anyone who consumes them an increased sense of personal power and beauty, affecting people's perspective of them for a short time."

    Eagle's Splendor (3)

  • Keira contacts Sorien to see if he'll sell some of the harvest at a bulk discount for resale up on the surface

    // Hopefully, Sorien will do something wholesale - Please PM me if he will.

  • The word goes out that "The Network" will be dropping the price on the Black Harvest for an undisclosed amount of time.

    They urge potential merchants and private users of the Harvest to take full advantage of this drop to stock up before the price returns to its original amount.

    The new price has been marked in bold above.

    //Since this is still an item only I control, feel free to send me a shout if your PC is interested in buying at the new price whenever I'm online. The sale is meant to create a new kind of merchant, so the resale price will be up to the individual to decide.