Guide To Owning a Persistant Storage Chest

  • If you have purchased and own a persistant storage chest, you may be thinking to yourself:

    "Great! I have a chest, but I am now scared out of my mind to put anything in it!?!?! What should I do?"

    Here is a brief outline to describe how to get familiar with Narf's Persistant Storage system:

    1. Start small. Before you put anything in your chest og high value test it with a few things of low to little value. Gem worth 5 coins, goblin doll, etc. Mistakes in typing happen and its sometimes possible your chest will not store anything. Good to start with something like food.

    2. Consolidate your stackables. Step 1 was a sucess, items are there after the server restarted. What now? Well, organize yourself a bit. Instead of placing small items like food in the chest iteslf, get a box and fill it with food. This makes our Database happy and the mod happy as it now manages less items.

    3. Manage your junk. Trashcans are there for a reason. Although you are free to store as many items as a chest allows in its inventory, taht doesn't mean you should keep everything you have ever found in Narf. Clean it out. Get rid of the junk. useless items in a chest = useless rows in a database. On top of that it takes a second to load a large amount of items. Best if it were managed.

    Sometimes items are lost. We have all lost them, me included. The database occasionally does go down. One example that everyone is aware of is when the crafting points are all at 0. That means the DB is down. If this is the case and you put an item in your PS chest. It will not be saved. Things do happen.

    If you do have any issues regarding your PS chest, please post it in one of the threads taht has already been started on it.

    Like we stated earlier, we hope that in build l we have resolved the issues that have been causing us to lose items/replicate others.

    We hope this enhances your narf experience.

  • There have been some issues of late re: Persistant Storage chests…

    1. Items in boxes replaced by a stackable
    2. Items going missing
    3. Stackables multiplying

    We have pinpointed the problem. When the chest was loading stackable items (two of the same stackable under the max stack, but adding to over hte max stack), the chest would "disturb" itself and add or update an item.

    This is what led to boxes disappearing, items overwriting others, etc.

    As of today (11/27/2005) we have put a fix in place that will prevent the chest from doing any of those actions.

    PCs and DMs adding/removing items from a chest will be the only ways the database is updated.

    If there are any more issues, please post in the forums as you have in the past.

    Drives a final nail in the PS coffin

  • Thank you very much Herrold.