Build Update: 877lplot

  • Overview:

    Bugs (Any and all bugs)

    • Enemy of Oscura Enabled
    • Persistant Storage now handles stackable items
    • Oscura residents can now access the lobby

    Monsters (Including difficulty and Scripts)

    • Import of plot NPCs for Wykith
    • Import of NPCs for Evendur

    Areas (Includes all Enviorment changes and additions)

    • Peltarch Fighter Academy
    • Peltarch Defender HQ, Supply & Demand (not linked yet)

    None in this build


    • Flame Weapon scroll removed from Oscura shop.

    No New Quests this Build

    Special Notes:

    • Persistant Storage has been problematic of late with its handling of stackbale items. Stackables should now be ok to be placed directly in the chest as well as in boxes.

    We apologize if you have lost any items, but we have lost some as well (long deep sigh).

    Please check and make sure that everything is working correctly and that your items are appearing in the chests.

    We would appreciate any PMs regarding odd behavior after this build goes live.