Build Update: 877jplot

  • Overview:

    Bugs (Any and all bugs)
    Krenshar AI: they are no longer pushovers
    Hemrod: No longer buys crafted goods.
    Kuo Toa Priestess/Mage: Drop updated.

    Monsters (Including difficulty and Scripts)
    None in this build

    Areas (Includes all Enviorment changes and additions)
    Narfell - Fugue Plane - Old: Removed
    The Underdark - Deep Mines: Spawns added.

    None in this build

    None in this build

    No New Quests this Build

    Special Notes:

    • Persistant Storage added in various locations

    • Elven Camp depopulated as its plot destroyed.

    • Crystals made non-lethal.

    • X2 Tag based scripts are now enabled on the module. This may mean nothing to you know, but opens up many things to you in the future.

    • Tweak of the "undead eat rotten corpse".