Darkpowder: Barrim Asbravn

  • Barrim Asbravn:
    Home and Location - INACTIVE / Gone from Region
    Town Position - None.
    Custom Items -
    Time Spent in Narfell - Playing since Jan '04
    Current Status - INACTIVE / GONE

    Vertus Dahl
    Home and location: Norwick
    Town Position: None
    Custom Items: None
    Time Spent in Narfell?
    Current Status: Inactive

    Albor Bennard - Esquire and Knight Errant of Lathander:
    Home and Location - Norwick, Shrine to Lathander
    Town Position - None
    Custom Items - None
    Time Spent in Narfell - Since Dec. '04
    Current Status - Defending the shrine of dawn

    -RIP- Defiler Event Dec. 2004

    Senathe Milarr: (Name now relatively common knowledge in Norwick).
    Home and Location: Gypsy Camp, but lives in the Nars.
    Town Position: None
    Custom Items: Bandit Treaty Cloak
    Time In Narfell: Since Nov. '04
    Current Status: skulking in the nars pass.

    Sigmund Ringeck:
    Home and Location - Once a Norwick Citizen
    Town Position - None
    Custom Items - Ray'khir Clan Token (Basmans)
    Current Status: Now NPC in Temple of Helm - No longer present. No longer running as a PC

    Quoros Imytheren:
    Home and Location - Norwick, Elf Camp
    Town Position - None
    Custom Items - All Standard Items
    Time in Narfell - Since end of 2003
    Current Status: Left the elven camp and the region upon its destruction. - No longer present as PC