• Lilin!

    Elder of the Gypsy Camp; Captain of the Troff Royal Legion; Guardian Sister of the Sisterhood

    Lilin's Masterwork Elm Longbow! (Gobbletom)
    Reskinned Masterwork Elm Longbow
    Might +2
    Attack Bonus +1
    80% Weight

    Lilin's Exquisite Scimitar
    Scimitar +2
    Formerly Owned by Rolan, Renamed by Baboo when he was playing with the naming token… I think

    Guild Item - Sisterhood Bracers of Defense +2 (LowerDenizen)
    +2 Armor Class

    Guild Item - Sisterhood Guardian Full Plate
    +2 Constitution
    +1 AC
    Barkskin(3) 1/day

    Guild Item - Troff Legion Faitful Ring
    +1 Wisdom
    Bonus Level 2 Spell Slot (cleric)

    Random Item - Boots of the Fleet Footed! (LowerDenizen)
    Expeditious Retreat (5) 1/day
    At a festival at the camp, Lilin's team won a race and this is the prize she got

    Random Item - Prayer Beads!
    Bless (3) 1/day
    On A Sisterhood Trip to N'jast to get furniture, The sales woman set out a bunch of items, Lilin got this and armor for Cike

    Reskinned - Old Cloak
    Improved Saving Throws: Universal +1
    Found in one of the Sisterhood Trips, I think one when we checked under the bed for monsters 🙂 I've had it for several Months now, and It was on Arandor when he killed the Gnoll Priestess, this Cloak has been places

    Enchanted - Black Onyx Ankh (LowerDenizen)
    Slashing Resist 5/-
    +1 Armor Class
    +2 Concentration
    Cleric Only
    _The afterlife is very important to the Mulhorandi deities. The power to resurrect is driven from the gods not being ready to accept that soul into the afterlife. The Mulhorandi are, more so than most others, iconists. They are especially fond of the Ankh, which is a symbol of life. On the opposite hand, Black Onyx is a stone that is misinterpreted. A necessary component for creating undead, but also possesses its own unique value due to its smooth, glossy black appearance.

    Bast values redemption and defying one's nature for the benefit of being good, and especially in the case of tieflings. Redeming a semi-precious stone to be used as a symbol of good, and a ward against the evil magics, as well as an item of jewelery. The combination of blessings used upon it lend it benefits in several ways, the blessing of stoneskin, using the infusion of diamond powder represents the steel of faith against the slings and arrows of the world, gifted to that which was once dark by the pure diamond. The blessing Spell Resistance binds the stone to its goodly nature, warding it from being affected by necromantic magics and other spells which affect it. And by the fables that the item gives in its symbolism, and the strong words of faith and stead fast endurance for the faithful that use it._

    Enchanted - Fluid Robes (LowerDenizen)
    +4 Move Silently

    Shaving Razor
    +1 Dagger
    Since her "Affliction" Lilin has hair on her face, she asked Jerr for help shaving her face and he gave her this as a present

    Fireshard Finale (Plot) (LowerDenizen)
    Burning Hands (2) 1/day
    An Event in the Gypsy Camp where there was supposed to be performers coming to do a show with all sort of fire effects, called the Fireshard Troupe, they never showed up, so we went up to the cold mountains to find them. They were all dead and we brought their stuff to the bottom of the mountain and this is what Lilin got

    Masterwork Brass Towershield
    +1 AC vs. Peircing
    +1 AC vs. Slashing
    Weight Reduction: 80% of Weight
    Shield I've had forever, Since Lilin was like, level 6, I got enough money during the Peltarch Civil War. I got it reskinned at Dark Hammers a couple months ago so it looks cooler

    Playing since April '05

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