Build Update: 877gplot

  • Overview:

    Bugs (Any and all bugs)
    OCS Update
    White Stag faction updated.

    Monsters (Including difficulty and Scripts)
    Animals made skinnable for tanning upgrade

    Areas (Includes all Enviorment changes and additions)
    Norwick duplicate militia Barracks removed
    Peltarch - Smithy area removed.

    None in this build

    ATS tanning items imported.

    No New Quests this Build

    Special Notes:

    • Persistant Storage added in various locations

    • Phase 1 of Tanning upgrade put in. - Please note that not all options for items makeable at the tanning table are in. We will be importing the items that will provide you with the full menu in the next build.

    Please note that tanning no longer requires the same items to cure, harden and tan hides.

    Individual hides (Lion, Badger, Deer, etc) have been replaced with generic ones based on size. Certain animals will drop a specific hide if its a special ingredient for an item.

    Although the tanning table states "You do not have the correct item equiped to use this", it is checking your inventory for the tanner's sewing kit which the NPC merchant sells. It only has to be in your inventory.