Build Update: 877eplot

  • Overview:

    Bugs (Any and all bugs)
    Norwick Quests Updated.
    Peltarch Merchant.
    Lost City Drop fixes.
    Spawn Table Fixes.
    Undead token fix.
    Peltarch key/doors fixed.
    DM Wands.

    Monsters (Including difficulty and Scripts)
    Imported Plot Monsters.

    Areas (Includes all Enviorment changes and additions)
    Crystal Plot Area: Added
    Wolves Den: Placeable Update
    Norwick: Placeable Update
    The Nars Pass: Placeable Update
    Oscura: Placeable Update
    Peltarch: Placeable Update
    Gypsy Camp: Placeable Update
    Orumpr: Placeable Update

    None in this Build

    None in this Build

    No New Quests this Build

    Special Notes
    Spell Effects Removed
    Persistant Storage Upgraded
    Trashcans now delete items on close, not disturb.
    Arnath areas/merchants removed.
    Peltarch "refugee camp" map deleted.