Evil Roll Call

  • If you wish, post here some information on your evil character, perhaps something as to why he/she should be considered evil, and try to follow these guidelines:

    Login: (Your 'Narfell/NWN' login please, not your 'Black-Flag' or 'IRC' nick)
    Character: (The name of your character)
    Alignment: (Pretty simple, the alignment of your character if you wish)
    Class(es)/Level(s): (Also, quite simple, classes/levels in the 'Class' '(level)' format, or something)
    Residence: (Where your character lives)
    Information: (Some basic background information if you wish…including the Guild(s) that he/she may be in. Also, maybe something as to why your character is evil)

    This is completely optional, you don't have to post what you don't want to.

    Try to keep this information as current as you can, because there simply is no reason not to. (ie, your character gains a level)

    Please, don't strike up conversations in this thread. Keep them elsewhere - thanks.

    And, a note to all of those unworthy of posting here: No metagaming!

  • Login: DragonGhyll
    Character: Charlotte Flomiegner
    Alignment: NE
    Class/lvl: Rogue lvl 2
    residence: Norwick
    Information: Not really "evil"… more so an oppurtunist....

  • Login: Lawfullneutral
    Character: Segor Nemetsk
    Alignment: LN
    Class/lvl: Cleric lvl 5
    residence: Oscura, temple off Bane
    Information: Cleric off Bane hence the "evil", hates Cyric, realy hates Cyric. Can lose his temper. And fallen from tyr.

  • Login: M_O_B
    Character: Jeremy Steel
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Class(es)/Level(s): Fighter, Level 2
    Residence: Peltarch
    Information: He worships Garagos in a very subtle and quiet manner. The reason why he is evil is becuase he grew up very poor and constantly fighting or doing evil things in the name of gold on the streets of Athkatla. He almost died, so know he is trying to get enough gold so he an live the rest of his life in peace. But his real reason for so much gold is so he can hire a whole lot of merc compnaies and get revenge on the people who almost killed him. He dosen't care how he gets the gold, whether it be pretending to be good as a defender, beinga straightforward merc, or sieging entire towns, then murdering every citizen to take all their gold.

  • login: wannabe_irish
    char name: Nick Welm
    alignment: LN
    deity: Velsharoon
    class: cleric
    area: Peltarch

    A young man, certain of his Lord's cause, Nick came through Narfell looking for someone who strayed from the flock.
    He's given up the search, instead spreading his beliefs among those who would listen.
    Despite his being a Velsharoonite, he doesn't have a particular liking for
    undead, even as servants. To him, they are something better left to mages.

    Nick seeks knowledge of the physical body, human or otherwise.
    Seeking to prolongue mortal life, with immortality his ultimate goal (though not necessarily for himself), is his cause.

  • name:ncharman
    Character Name: Draihken Harbringer
    Alignment: Evil
    Diety: Bane
    Class: ???
    Area: Peltarch
    Info: Draihken is new to Peltarch looking to find work, along with his fellow adventurer Samin. Trying to find some underworld connections or at least find someone with enough gold to pay him for his blade.

    Please if there is anyone out there in Peltarch that is looking for some thugs send me an email at ncharman@Hotmail.com

  • Login: njkt
    Character: Dimitri
    Alignment: LE
    Class(es)/Level(s): rogue/fighter level 2
    Residence: Norwick
    Information: Your basic aspiring political figure hoping to corrupt a major military force.


    Login: njkt
    Character: Nickolai
    Alignment: LE
    Class(es)/Level(s): Fighter
    Residence: Jiyyd
    Information: Nickolai is a bastage, pure and simple. He will manipulate anyone he comes across if he thinks he can get something from them. He will often change his colors to suit the area, and will fight alongside or against anyone if he thinks it'll increase his reputation until he's reached the top and can afford to do as he pleases.

  • Login: Alyssa89
    Character: Hunar Holdorric
    Alignment: NE
    Classes: Cleric - 1
    Residence: Varies often
    Information: An avid worshipper of Velsharoon, prone to crazed mutterings and outbursts, Hunar believes himself to be the keeper of his patron's secrets. Convinced that almost everyone is out to get him he tends to keep to himself, although he has been known to band with others for as long as it serves his purpose…which is entirely unclear even apparently to himself.

  • ICC

    Character: Ulag Elfhewer
    Class(es)/Level(s): Cleric 2/barbarian 1
    Information: A Cleric of Gruumsh, in the area to establish his own evil empire, perhaps even uniting the area's orcs under his own banner…who doesn't yet realize his hated good half brother Grog ((my other char)) also resides in the area.....

  • Posted: Thu May 01, 2003 3:10 pm Post subject: Evil Roll Call


    Login: Rasone77
    Character: Damien Malasie
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Class(es)/Level(s): Fighter 5
    Residence: Peltarch
    Information: Soldier in The Zhent army (guess who he worships) Backround story can be found in the historical archives.

  • Login- RoundHere
    Character- Corana Lyonsen
    Alighnment- NE
    Class- Cleric (4)
    Deity- Umberlee
    City- Peltarch
    Information- A former seafarer turned priestess who was recruited to Peltarch by Deacon Sterr to establish a temple to Umberlee and a following amid the Narfellians. She offers little in the way of a personal history, other than her many years sailing the high seas. She seeks the religious conversion of as many Peltarchians as possible. From those who refuse to serve Umberlee, she demands they pay proper respects to the Sea Queen when trespassing on her domain.

  • Login- Rasone77
    Character- Blake Deschain
    Alighnment- Lawful Evil
    Class- Cleric of Bane 1lvl
    City- Patchrich
    Information- Very outspoken for a baneite, cares not for niceities or helping non baneites, only likes to see suffering and grief, once offered a couple healing spells to an injured tradesman who was just robbed and had no money or weapons save a few bolts for all his food hopping to see him die of starvation, only to have a couple do-gooders one was a hated Tormite Paladin heal him in full and give him food, he was none too pleased. Surrvied the first few years of his life as an orphan his parents were killed when he was ten, (mistakenly) by a Cleric of Try during a battle with Orcs outside the farm he was born in he witnessed it all and never forgave the Cleric. He was a street urchin till he was fifteen when he met up with a fellow by the name of Grant Hillins. Grant showed him the power of Bane and the doctorine of Tyranny and Strife. He spent the next three years under study with Grant, when Grants home was raided by Palidins of Torm, Grant was killed in the insuing battle and Blake fled only to end up in patchrich (mspl0 after many moons of journey. He harbors a deep hatred of Tyrians and Tormities. He has no love for any God other than Bane and Will almost always tell others so. Recently he has found that others do not share his view and has tried to tone it down a bit, out of fear for his life and harming the relationship in the town for other Baneities. But when HE is stronger and has more seasons under his belt he plans to lead an army of Tyranny and Strife through all Of Narfell and may great Doom encompass them all.


  • Login: DeityMech
    Character: Fear
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Class/Level: Fighter (1)
    Residence: Norwick
    Information: Fear has no memory of his real name, that is what people called him when he raided farms in the country to survive. His family sold him to slavery when he was about 6. He prays to no god. He is in Narfell because a voice in his head said that he might find a new master here.

  • Login: Chripso
    Character: Drako
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Class/Level: Rogue 4
    Residence: Gypsy Camp
    Information: Mischevious elf who does whatever he can to get his way.

  • Login: Harbinger
    Character: Synn Waywrath
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Class(es)/Level(s): Illusionist
    Residence: Peltarch
    Info: Ruthlessly cunning and shrewd. Possess an elaborate vocabulary which he often exercises on others with a generous dossage of biting sarcasm. If you're in his party, you're probably being exploited.

  • Login: Oreth Meret
    Character: Belloc Corith
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Class(es)/Level(s): Rogue 2
    Residence: Peltarch
    Information: The boy just aint't right.

  • Login: blackstep
    Character: Tigaro Jermorai
    Alignment: lawful evil
    Class(es)/Level(s): rogue 1/ fighter 1
    Residence: Peltarch
    Information: A tactician, would never charge reckless. Will steal, will murder and alike, however needs a good reason (profit is a reason), good chance of succes and small chance of getting his name in bad daylight.

    Has no main pantheon, does shows intrest for Mask and the red knight.

    More lawful than evil, could be converted to good if no reason for evil or more chance of carreer with good.

  • The Halfling Defence League

    Login: Hitodama
    Character: Gondalla Nailo
    Alignment: CE
    Classes: Ranger
    Residence: Norwick

    Information: Malarite with some rather Loviatan tendencies who is hunting her sister, Fadia Nailo ((my main character)). In this she prefers to hunt alone, and if you wanna know why she's hunting her, ask her IG!

  • Login: hepphep
    Character: Dumblir Azbalandar
    Alignment: LE
    Class(es)/Level(s): Wizard(necromancer)
    Residence: Norwick
    Information: In search of always greater power and immortality. Up to take spot midst the gods and raising gnomes on the position they belong, to rule the 'lesser' races. And yes, known as Aleum Kumma in Narfell area.

  • login: Genetic-av

    character: Gagor.
    alignment: NE
    classes, lvl: barb 2 /fighter 4
    residence: arnath, where else :twisted:

    background: his inability to speak decent common only surpassed by his incredible ugliness, this half orc has been around narf for a "long" time, i think that should be nuff said