Oscura Housing

  • The pricing will be similar to Norwick's pricing found here: BROKEN LINK DELETED.

    Also, keep the last post of that thread in mind, the one Ribs posted.

  • The Housing Costs of Oscura have currently come under discussion by the Tribunal.

    The possibilities for change are endless. If you have any ideas on how the Housing Cost System should run in Oscura, contact a Tribune.

    All proposals must be clear and complete.

    All proposals are subject to change at the Tribunal's wish.

    All proposals will be considered equally.

    //If your group is represented by a PC Tribune, send it to him/her. If you have a close pal that you know will do right by you and plead your case, send it to him/her. If you are unrepresented, send it to me or Kuk.

  • Oops, that was taken from a quote from Ribs on Norwick Pricing….Make that Daliera.

  • Um…Jandor? 😉

  • Since the above link is broken now, here is the pricing the link had indicated:

    Pricing Guide is as follows :

    Basic, One Story Housing Base Cost - 3,000 Gold
    Intermediate, Two Story Housing Base Cost - 6,000 Gold
    Custom Built Housing - 250 Gold per Square
    All Placeables added - 100 Gold Per Placeable
    C. Token Required


    Note: This may be "base" price. This doesn't include deed fees, taxes, contractor expenses, paybacks to grease the wheels, and birthday gifts for Alexander. No really, I'm serious for once.