Character Restorations

  • We have received numerous requests for character restorations and are working to find the best way to handle these. Due to time restraints I have recruited a few DMs to assist in character restorations.

    Please note the following before before emailing the DMs: we need specific details regarding the character to be restored. Be as specific as possible.

    Email must contain the following:

      • If the specific date is unknown, please note the last Month in which you played that character.

    We have 3 email addresses.

    Non-Euro Restoration Requests
    Covah -
    PinkSharky -

    Euro Restoration Requests
    Sarah -

    Lastly, we only have the 2 most recent vaults available, the post and the pre wipe just prior to migration. If you character is older than these 2 vaults allow, the request will remain pending till we are able to get these older vault backups from RaDSaM.

    Character restorations are only provided to players who have not played Narfell in some time and to those who lost characters during a vault wipe. A note on vault wipes: they delete characters who have no been played in some time, so if you wish to avoid lost characters, be sure to login with them once in a while.

  • I'm doing them now, too, so… added myself to the list.

  • Since I'm hosting the server, I have been doing some.

  • Um who is?

  • I don't do character restorations…so please stop asking me about them

  • EDIT: I am no longer helping with restorations - other things to do.