*Barracks Doors are opened*

  • _A heavily armored dwarf can be seen directing some hired commoners about in the barracks.

    They are moving in beds, and re-arranging some of the furniture to house as many people as possible.

    He barks orders at the commoners to hurry along, as there could be women and children from the seiged city of Peltarch heading this way.

    He informs the guards that he has extended an invitation to any refugees that want to take shelter in the town of Norwick.

    With a stern glance and a deep growl only one order is given to each guard:

    "Protect dem as if dey was yer own."

    Quickly he heads for the Boarshead, hoping to "borrow" some blankets for the refugees to borrow.*_

  • Kronk hears the instructions of the guards

    nods with a wide grin
    goods yous doins the rights thingses, tells me ifs ye needs helps, thems can borrows my rooms in the boardsheds ifs ye needs
    then leaves with a wide grin muttering to himself me knews the militias was goods peoples