Spellweaver Keep Item Enchantments

  • A notice is posted by the Mermaid and in a few other high-traffic areas.


    Announcing the formal reintroduction of
    Spellweaver Keep's Item Enchantment Program

    With the recent transition in leadership, Spellweaver Keep is seeking to spread the benefits of the arcane throughout the region. Thus, the Keep is reinstating its item enchantment program, now more efficiently implemented than in the past.

    **Why turn to the Keep for your enchantments?

    • Proven and long-lasting dedication to the Art

    • Centralization of the most skilled arcanists in the region

    • Superior enchantment facilities, second to none in Narfell

    • Focused, diligent enchanters providing for quick service** ((We're working with a DM whose enchantment responsibilities are more limited than Item Monkeys of the past, so the process will move more quickly.))

    **All old item requests have been cancelled, so if you wish to place or replace an enchantment order, contact one of our members for service.

    • The Arcanists of Spellweaver Keep**

    ((EDIT: Currently only single enchantments will be performed. Requests for RP spell items will be greatly welcomed.))