• Name: Chandon Kollias
    Class: Priest of Corellon Larthian
    Home: Gypsy Camp
    Race: Moon Elf
    Custom Items: None
    Time on Narf: since Janruary 2004, Token awarded on April 10, 2004. (Just happen to of been my birthday in RL as well.)
    Guilds and other membership: Member of the Camp, and general nice guy.

  • Prior Characters Seen on Narfell:
    Anen Spellsinger - Bard and student at the Spellweaver Keep Academy
    Mathius - Squire of Lathander
    Allundro - Ranger and Priest of Finder Wyvernspur

  • Name: Ramin Briim
    Class: Fighter
    Home: Norwick, for now.
    Race: Human
    Custom Items: Scale Mail armour. unusal design. I have not seen it before on Narfell.
    Guilds and other membership: None currently.