The Orc Flanking move...

  • Following a small group of inexperienced adventurers rumoured to having held their ground for a long time in the orc lands, they were heard to be driven off out of the lands back into hobgoblin lands.

    For some reason, a powerful hobgoblin figure with a scythe was seen to attack the occasional wanderer - auras of magic around his head. Seeing humans in huge numbers close to their lands, the orcs took an opportunity to try to outflank humans dwarfs and elves pushing them back out of hobgoblin lands. Orcs by the look of it to an experienced military eye seemed to try to do what hobgoblins tried to do… outflank the brave souls by breaking through toward norwick's lands. The orcs broke toward Jiyyd, taking the high ground over looking the town, as well as trying to outflank to the left of the main gate. Foiled again and again by powerful divine power, the orcs charged the gate in desperation - the orcs later found to have slain many hobgoblins in frustration it seemed, as despite managing to break into town and kill a few defenders the orcs were driven back to lick their wounds.

    The timing of the hobgoblin attack so soon before the orc attack, remains unknown as to why - but it is clear the orcs have wasted their opportunity to try to surround and damage jiyyd badly. To those in orc lands, only in the most well held lands do the strongest orcs lick their wounds, while the gates of their fortress remain tightly shut.

    Most of the success of the defence seemed to lay with a armoured dwarf priestess, and a dark hide clad elven cleric. A dragon helmed silvery knight armed with a morningstar of few words seemed to refuse to submit to terrible blows, some say it must have been the hand of a god that preserved him. A few commoners look on this man with a hint of wonder when he visits the town.