A warning before the gates, and echoing in the caves.

  • To those who were at the western gate when the rather well spoken kobold was present, it appears a warning was delivered partly by word and partly in song, by the shimmering image that was seen to have some flaws when a large group fell upon it.
    To those folk venturing into kobold caves in the near future a mocking song seems to issue from the lips of the average kobold in draconic to those that well understand the tongue. To those who hear snatches of the song, a line here and there by a kobold in their last moments it appears the song is different from before..

    <drac>- In the hills and in the cave, say they come to those be brave,
    But come they run to huts they burn - fools come in helms of red.
    But return they not our flails and sticks, though it be we crave,
    Come will we to claim our pig - feed our young to see him dead.</drac>