NPC's General Information

  • (Common knowledge of all the NPC's by those who live within Jiyyd's walls)

    Jiyyd Town Area
    - Commoner Biswan: Dwarf woman, a farmer with a love for books. Single, she is still trying to find "the right dwarf" to marry, and can become quite charming when Dwarven males are around, though her bluntness will often get the better of her.

    - Commoner Jaher: Quiet man, one of the local farmers, but can mostly be found in town. Reserved, he never speaks about his personal life, and will never be caught drinking an ale.

    - Commoner Shantie: Kindhearted woman with a weak heart. Easily emotional, and caring a lot for the children around town. She'll be one of the first to cry outrage in case of problems, and is quite superstitional when it comes to more occult matters. Single mother, and worries alot on minor problems. The father of her child left as a guard for a merchant company several years back and has not been heard of since.

    - Nathander Steel : A grizzled old bard who has turned senile over the years, most consider him of little harm, taking pity on him.

    - Regrin Deed : Happy-Go-Lucky kind of chap, he is a hin with a charming smile. Owner of the town mill, and purveyor of the finest woods in the area. He is a charming fellow, and a good friend of Drudo.

    Jiyyd Town Watch
    - Just'ene Bri Thank'ses : Being a stern paladin of Helm, on the surface, Just'ene's personality seems quite one dimensional. She credits every aspect of her life to her God Helm, and intentionally devotes no time to anything else. The reasons for this she keeps to herself.
    Common activities when not on patrol around the town of Jiyyd consist of martial training and religous activities. She devotes no time to social activities, although she will spend time by herself relaxing. She has a good singing voice, but the only songs she will sing are Hymns and Battle Anthems to Helm.
    She is Watchman Sergeant to Jiyyd only because Jiyyd is the first line of defense for the temple on the hill. The location is holy to her, so she protects it. Other than that, she has no strong ties to Jiyyd. She quite openly professes that her loyalties are to Helm first and only.
    Typical quote: "Walk in the Light".

    - Watchwoman Basha: Smasha's sister, she came with Basha to Jiyyd, after having followed him around on his earlier merc enterprises. She feels the need to look after him at times, and is quite more sociable than Smasha is.

    - Watchman Smasha: Basha's brother, this Half Orc mercenary found a post in the Jiyyd watch after a few failed efforts at mercenary companies elsewhere. A bit of a brute but goodnatured dimwit, he's the one they call when brute rowdyness is required to uphold the peace in town. There's no question to his fighting capabilities, and he's been known to crack a few skulls when needed.

    - Watchman Dalron: A human whose roots lie in Ormphur, he joined the watch as a mercenary. He shares Helmite beliefs, though he is not a persistant follower. He'll comply with most of his orders, doing his duty until his shift is done, after which he can be found either at the barracks, or the inn. It is not unknown that he does not have a liking for the sergeant Just'ene.

    - Watchman Masdar: A somewhat cheerful hin mostly, though his years of standing watch at the southern gates have made him a bit more grumpy. He's unhappy with his current post, though he still does his duty as he's paid for. He's always on edge when the Orcs are mentioned, not feeling much for facing them at war again.

    - Watchwoman Ganta: A cheerful dwarven female, with a goodhumored look on life. Proud as well of her assignment.

    - Watchwoman Hanen: The only one on the watch that is a true Helmite at heart, taking her assignment most seriously. If she's on guard, nothing easily gets past her post within her knowledge. Proud as any Dwarf, she takes her responsibility with utmost seriousness.

    Jiyyd Council Building
    - Lens Undon: The chosen head for the Jiyyd Council, Lens is a man with responsibility, and that shows in his attitude. He's not young anymore, just about the same age as Olem, and was in fact a childhood friend of Olem Otarch. Both have been the most influential to bringing Jiyyd where it stands now.

    - Jiyyd Herald Mereppi: Astute gnome, caretaker of Jiyyd's records, and the person to go to if you need any paperwork done, or need information on matters of housing and the likes. She's as well the spokesperson for Lens, and will deal with most of the commoners in his place.

    - Otarch House Servant - Salina: Paid for by the Otarchs to keep the Council Building clean and tidy, she doesn't speak much, and doesn't seem to mingle much in common affairs.


    Regal Whore Inn
    - Mary Lyonson: Serving wench for Drudo's customers. She has an attitude, and needed too if the crowd tends to get rowdy. Inside though, she has a heart of gold.

    - Myrie - The Cook: "Big Momma" type of person. She'll kick you out of her kitchen before you can blink, but is just a sweetie pie if you can get on her good side. Overly caring for the ones she likes, and she'll make stew like no other.

    - Chesty Larue: Dancing girl, and "Caretaker" of the "weary" customers.

    - Drudo: Good natured halfling with a keen sense for coin. He has a knack of turning one coin into a handful in no time. He has one daughter in her teens, whom he worries for with his life. Any young hin-lad coming even a step too close will have to deal with Drudo's grudging looks.
    Healing Wonders
    - Vroka Groll: Half Orc, good-hearted cleric of Chauntea. She's the town healer, taking care of the sick and the wounded as if they were her own children. She has shamanic backgrounds, helping in a crude environment, using many ointments, cheap bandages etc. None the less, she is a softie, and has a weak spot for children, whom she'd give her life for.

    - Finnius Smallwart: Vroka's life partner, and cleric of Eldath. A devoted creator of potions, especially healing ones. He is usually friendly and quiet, though he can become agitated quite quickly if things go bad. Already in his middle ages, he does not go to go far out of town anymore unless necessary. Holds very good relations with Doctor Merom in Ormphur.

    **Master Trades

    • Master Bowyer Sonya:
    • Master Tanner Jenrie:
    • Master Blacksmith Jorge:**

    Metalsmith's Goods
    - Berette Nefzen: Works for Gadush in selling some of his wares, presenting them for his clients. She has small knowledge of crafting, and helps him out at times to add the "finer detail" to his work. More patient with the rowdy clients, she does most of the talking in the Smithy.

    - Gadush Belteff: Half Orc smith who has a keen eye on decent craftsmanship. Both his smithing and armorer work can be rather crude, but effective when it comes down to it. Doesn't beat around the bush, and is always straightforward when he speaks. When a job needs to be done, he'll make sure to whip your ass to do it. If you make trouble in his smithy, he'll have no qualms about making sure you reach the door in a fast pace, "escorting" you to the gates if needed.

    Otarch Household
    - Olem Otarch: Next to Lens Undon, probably the most influential person in town. Older man, wisened in his years. He is usually very quiet, but can show himself as a concerned citizen when needed, settling disputes where needed.

    - Gend Otarch: Olem's son. Secluded young man, typical "rebel rich youth". He is very outspoken on topics that he has interest in, and takes on small time adventuring when he can. He has no good eye for paladin-stereotypes, and will not hide his less than good feelings towards Helmites and paladins in general, thinking most of them place themselves way too far above their standing.

    - Maria Otarch: Olem's wife. Very quiet and holding to the background, although she does have say within Jiyyd day-to-day affairs. A friendly woman who remains mostly reserved to what she will or will not speak about.

    Rare and Exotic Goods
    - Laus Patter: "Typical" salesman. He's not too bad a guy. At times it is questionable exactly where he gets his supplies from, though he will always claim to receive them from trade with Ormphur.

    Supply And Demand - General Store
    - Kert Reyer: Good-hearted manager of the general store. A friendly and chattable person. Relies much on the Helmite presence in town to feel safe.

    Wayfarer's Garb - Clothes Store
    - Anadra Dy'nesencia : Elf and wife of Beldor. Both immigrated to Jiyyd many years ago, and started a tailoring business. Anadra is a close friend of Maria Otarch, and both share a close relation. She is very punctual at what she does, and enjoys singing and dancing.

    - Beldor Dy'nesencia : Quiet and reserved, most of the store's designs are his work. He does not mingle too much with the rest of the town, keeping himself busy with his designs mostly, though sometimes he will receive Elven visitors. He hardly ever speaks of his past, and even less of his reasons to come to Jiyyd.
    Argyle Home
    - Rulin Argyle: Merchant, spending his last years in the safety of the Jiyyd walls. He's quite reclusive, minding his own business, and unwanting of surprise visitors. Rumor has it that he is making plans to leave the town sometime soon, having grown tired of the constant threat of Orcs around.

    Devonwood Home
    - Ethan Devonwood: Farmer in his early-40 years. Father to 2 children, son James and daughter Katey. He lost his wife to the revenant not too long ago, bearing the emotional scars. Friendly man, but showing the tell-tale signs of weariness.

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