Peltarch Bounties

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  • Special Bounties

    _With N'Jast holding the docks as they continue to take flight in all sorts of available ships, tearing down nearby buildings for timber and sacking warehouses of trading companies for materials to build all manner of escape craft, raiders prowl the streets of the Commerce district, looting and ransacking all they can find.

    Small skirmishes between pillagers or even foes are common, and as the Defenders try to consolidate their position in the Civic District, General Lavindo places bounties on several remaining enemies active in and around the City._

    Dead- Sergeant Klepthorn; N'Jast
    Slain during the Retaking of the Commerce District in the Dancing Mermaid Inn by the master of magic, Ronan Redralen, after being engaged in vicious battle with the strike force of Adventurers who bravely faced him.

    Dead- Jowlston Henry Smith; N'Jast
    Slain during the Retaking of the Commerce District.

    2000 Gold- Jennifer the White; Highhold
    Renegade Defender Sorceress with a talent for Divination, thought to have been accidentally left behind during their withdrawl and in hiding. Wanted alive.

    3000 Gold- Sergeant Hakeswell; Highhold
    In command of a sizable group of Renegade Defenders who have fallen back to hide out in the foothills, likely in various caves. Noted for ruthlessness and for having abandoned military disciplines. Beware.

    1000 Gold- Sarah Llyellen; N'Jast
    An illusionist, using her abilities to evade capture, but to also lure innocents in hiding out into the open, where her cohorts can loot and murder them, as well as to deceive competing parties of raiders.

    4000 gold- Noravill Tailtreader; N'Jast

    Noravill is the last remaining officer of the demon attack in Jiyyd that managed to regroup with the N'Jast forces. He was in the Fiery Falcons Calvary squad, known for their attacks on civilians in retreat. Wanted dead or alive.

    Taken alive in the docks district assault.

    5000 gold- Kevroar "The General"; N'Jast

    Kevroar is the self stylized General of the N'Jast forces in the docks district. Although he is only a Captain, he is the highest ranking and most experienced officer of N'Jast still remaining in the city and contains vital information. Wanted alive for questioning.

    Surrendered to the city. Released to return home.

    3000 gold- Eldah Fruven; N'Jast

    The second highest ranking N'Jast officer left in the city. Known for his honorable and compassionate nature to prisoners of war. Wanted alive.

    Surrendered to the city. Released to return home.

    5000 gold- The Butcher; N'Jast

    Name not being known, he is distinguished from the others by the small animal skulls he wears on a chain around his neck. Known as only the Butcher for his disregard for civilians within the Jewel, after the Commerce was taken, its said he put at least one hundred to the sword, women and children included. Wanted dead.

    Killed in the retaking of the docks. His head put on display outside Defender HQ.

    5000 gold- Janlyssa the Black; N'Jast

    A necromancer thought to be partially responsible for the Undead Eastlanders in the docks. Also known to rip the souls from her captives during questioning. Wanted dead or alive.

    Killed in the sewers after the retaking of the docks district.

    2000 gold- Nornan the Knight; N'Jast

    A priest of the Red Knight and thought to be a major part in any N'Jast war councils. Many of the strategies N'Jast used in battle are said to be of his devising. Wanted alive.

    Surrendered to the city, was killed by Janlyssa the Black.

    500 Gold- Any N'Jastian Sergeant

    300 Gold- Any Renegade Sergeant

  • The Senate of Peltarch, on the advice of General Lavindo, declares that there shall be a bounty of no less than 20,000 gold pieces placed upon the traitor Kara DuMonte. The traitor is wanted dead and the announcement warns no gold shall be paid in the event she is delivered alive. Any collecting the bounty will also be awarded the Freedom of the City, granting honourary citizenship and will be gifted a magical broach said to have been worn by none other than the legendary Fisher King of Peltarch, Tidus.

    General Lavindo also announces rewards of 200 gold pieces for any relevant tactical information relayed to him about the approaching enemy force that he deems will aid in the City's defense.

  • The Magistrate announces that as their has been no significant efforts to understand the intentions of the drow on the neighbouring towns and villages there shall now be a bounty of no less than 10,000 gold pieces upon the delivery of a Drow priestess alive to the city's custody.

    The city has a duty of honour to provide the reward to those who risk their lives fighting these type of threats to the outlying lands.

    In service to the Jewel of the Icelace

    Senior Magistrate Barrim Asbravn.

  • The City of Peltarch Issue a WANTED ALIVE - Bounty from this day forth on all Drow.

    _The city of peltarch concerns itself with the aggressive drow in the region that have been plaguing its neighbours of late.

    Henceforth a bounty is issued on all drow, with priority given to females. Proposed by the courts of peltarch and supported by one of our honoured senators.

    Bounty value is to be agreed in senate because of the large sum that anyone delivering them alive to the custody of the courts can expect.

    The sum will be increased depending on the value of the prisoner.

    :: Barrim stands beside the scribes as they hammer them into place as is usual for all pubic legal notices ::_

  • _Bounty of Rando has gone up to 15 000gp, paid by the city, he is now wanted dead or alive.

    It is also added that if anybody can provide evidence of individuals planning or attempting harm to Senator Brymor or any other senators, there is a bounty of 5000gp.

    Anybody attempting to collect Rando's bounty, will face the full extent of Peltarch law._

  • _Senator Roland Brynmor places a bounty of 5000 gold pieces on Rando of Norwick.

    Rando must be presented ALIVE with his belongings to the Senator in Peltarch in order to claim the reward_.

  • The State of Peltarch announces that the sum of no less than 100,000 gold will be paid to the person or persons who are able to slay the Dark Champion of Asmodeus, Zargothis. His head must be presented as proof, also all his weapons, armor, and belongings must be turned in to the State.

    physical description included

  • Senator Rath Ashald, and the city of Peltarch has placed a bounty of 10,000 gold on the head of Juno Everhart. The reward can be collected by bringing the head of the wanted person to your nearest city Guard, Defender or Black Dragon Knight. No disintegrations.

    These posters are later taken down, the bounty paid.

  • Sir Koreth, Commander of the Black Dragon Knights hereby places a bounty of 10,000 gold on the head of the mysterious dark knight, self proclaimed champion of Asmodeus. He is known to wear black full plate armor, with red trimming, and seems to have a skeletal left hand.

    Sir Koreth, Commander of the Black Dragon Knights, hereby places a bounty of 10,000 gold for information that will lead to the source of this drug that plagues the city, seeking to end this hideous substance's grasp it holds on the city. Any and all persons involved in this will be given the justice they so richly deserve.
    This reward has been paid to Adam Bromley