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  • I doubt I will ever seriously play Narfell again. I am growing up, taking classes seriously and looking to the future. With all of these great changes, I had to lose something great… the Narfell community. Below is a list of thanks to everyone I could remember. It is quite long, and I tried my best to think of EVERYONE. It is in no particular order so you’ll have to read it all if you want to see what I said about you!

    I’d like to start with artsiekat. Narfell brought us together and made our relationship possible. It is hard for me to realize what a different person I would have been had I not met her. We started talking over a year ago on IRC and slowly learned each other’s personalities, music, art and philosophies. We never fully opened up to each other until a few recent life-changing events. I am very proud of Kristine and what she has done with her life. She owns! She is intelligent, loyal, beautiful, honest, caring, sensitive, strong and the only thing I can’t make sense out of in this world. We want to spend the rest of our lives together.

    Rick – I can’t even begin to list everything we did with all our different characters. He is one of my longstanding buddies.

    Ilthoran – I played and bitched with Ilthoran a lot. He is really good at spewing stuff out of his ass and having a good time.

    Doran – You are just plain crazy. I always had a lot of fun with your characters.

    Cyrus – Someone needs to teach you restraint 😛

    Kasumi – You helped many greatly and I appreciate what you have done. You were a role model citizen so to say.

    Anakore - Though usually up to something else, I had a few enjoyable scenes with you and always thought you were a good person

    Kerby – I KNOW that was you tossing bullets and coins at anakore and I while we were checking out that crystal! You are evil and there is nothing I can do about it- your power too immense and your actions irredeemable.

    Coaan – always around to do something. You played very realistically and especially talented at playing women (considering you aren’t one)

    Darc – I had lots of fun with several of your characters. It was great traveling to Peltarch for the first time with you, but only the beginning of many adventures.

    Lucia Longtooth – why did you give a newbie such a cool looking helmet? You gave me a lot of random awesome shit! Wtf?

    Baynoor – You must be very witty, deceptive, sarcastic and evil to play a character like that so well.

    Nimbrethil – I don’t know why you trusted a newbie with such ‘1337’
    things, but I really appreciate it. Many things you told me got me started with plots in the server. It was bad ass hanging out in Vinessa’s cave.

    Graynor – Everyone knows graynor is awesome. I consider myself lucky to be able to interact with him as often as I did and run into his characters. A particularly fond memory was his smart orc and my stupid dwarf wondering the rawlins and nars as if we were newbies again.

    Clandra – You’ve always seemed to be around. We didn’t always interact but I definitely see you as a part of Narfell

    SarahSmiles – didn’t interact with you too often, but it was certainly a pleasure when I got the chance

    Cyrian –I admire your commitment to playing a character

    Zyphlin – Sometimes I’m jealous of zyphlin. He types too fast, gets all the women and is an extremely nice guy.

    Talgrath – always around and enjoyable. Sometimes I felt some friction between us but we’re cool.

    Yurana – It was fun earning your respect and throwing it out the window. Finding something to do while you were around was never hard.

    Sasha – I still don’t understand how someone as stupid as you can make me laugh 😛

    Soul_knife – Despite the fact that you play too many elves, we had lots of fun together

    Ragnar – One of my oldest friends on narfell for a reason

    Grag – Always fun seeking, you always kept me from getting bored and straying from narfell

    Torch – Another thrill seeker I’ve known forever who kept me going with adventures

    ShadowStrider – My open friendship was never fake

    Attlen – My favorite kind of player. You were my first plot with Mecc and showed me fun no matter what happens to the characters. You taught the importance of dm-player communication and the key to everything.. having fun? Your comments in the forums are always insightful.

    Kuk – It was fun failing miserably at joining the crafters union, and slapping you in the face. I always wanted to see that fiery temper 😛

    Uthger – I loved bothering you. Whether it was turning criminals invisible so they could enter norwick or humping your leg with daisy the pukwa bellydancer I always had a blast.

    Horbag – The first ‘real’ character I met in Narfell that left an impression on me

    Maythor – Messing with you was even better. My last day on Narfell was when I preached the onset of the rabid dwarves taking over the village and enchanted my magical dart to assassinate you. A shame it bounced off your armor and I was beat to the ground in half a round. I think my favorite was trying to get you to climb that greasy hill

    Rando – We use to be good buddies wayy back in the day and crafted together and everything. Throwing me in jail was harsh 😛

    Ravish – Khalomey was always ready for an adventure

    Eowien – Traveling around and talking to you was fun, but we could have done so much more…

    Bbulldog - you always accepted me even though I didn’t put in as much effort as I could to help you with the alliance and do stuff..

    Andu – you made me learn some elven phrases. I hate you 😛

    Balrog1979 – I had a lot of fun with Rhoni and always thought he was bad ass. Getting the custom armor was awesome. Try to avoid narfell while drinking 😛

    Jintaio – most well known as the hacker/enemy of narfell. I know him as the player of Terin who was a fine merchant and I always liked even if the player made some stupid decisions.

    DarkHuntress – I didn’t play with you all too often, but I just wanted to say that I noticed you and liked it when you were around.

    Dkg – I never really talk to you, but I enjoy your ridiculous and persistent sarcasm

    Vashere – I admire your ability to make things happen, and consider myself fortunate to have run into you a few times to show me around.. and later I was able to return the favor!

    Teah – “When I grow up I want to be as cool as you”

    Garric – I never got the satisfaction of killing you

    Fuarch – You were next!

    Majere and Budo – same size, same person

    Bottesini – Our many adventures proved there could in fact be more than one bot

    Adric – Always had fun playing with you, I wish things worked out better

    Haaswalker – One of my best students, too bad you didn’t stick around and probably will never read this

    Grif – Although you never had more characters than I, it was very close on the number of interesting characters.

    Kryosis – One of my favorite OOC buddies to chat with about random things. Strange no one else liked him.

    Elinah – I miss practically all of your characters, even the elf rogue that I only saw for a few hours and played hide and seek

    Wethrillina – An EC member Isaac liked (which says a lot :P). She has a very subtle depth to her that most aren’t fortunate enough to see.

    Taramouv – Ashan wannabe 😛

    Roland – I can’t count how many times we’ve run into each other and adventured. I always enjoyed acting crazy around your sensible character.

    Devo – Commanding me to slap krig in the face was only the beginning… now that you’re DM… it is about time I leave 😛

    Bara – Who knew Jirka and Isaac would get along so fondly?

    FrankTheFairy – What kind of crazy bastard plays a mute character?!

    Panache – Once the fool faded from narfell, I never thought you could top your former glory. Then there was the dwarf…

    Yith – You always said the most obvious things to me that seemed condescending, but I like to think you were just trying to be nice.

    Dram the red – I don’t know how much I owe you in coins and gratitude for the fun. Although you’re a philosopher, you’re still a great person 😛

    Baboo – Careful around this guy (especially dms), he annoys you to the point of beating on him and then you become addicted (ask ribs)

    Dish_Wash – I still remember our adventures, however simple they were..

    Jirtin – My favorite ‘apprentice.’ I think we had a lot of fun learning (together 😉 )

    Braeth – The embodiment of ‘uber.’

    Khaya – We immediately hit it off and had great adventures and ridiculously stupid roleplaying. Playing the stupid halforc dominated by your polymorphed imp familiar was definitely the most off the wall character I know.

    Laxrat – The only one who could make a silence scroll during an important meeting at the Pheonix guild hall funny (and make it out alive).

    Hugh – Absolutely hilarious. After explaining why one must take a shit with them while going to the outhouse and tricking hugh into thinking there was a troll in the Jiyyd divining pool I could hardly breath… And then there was caldor…

    TKA – Your armors should come with “Surgeon General: Warning, can cause permanent eye damage.”

    Mirkali – the embodiment of a bard, and the reason I hate them. 😛

    Evendur – I liked you from the moment you found myeil bitching at me for prancing around spellweaver in chaelvin’s clothes

    Myeil – You never bitched at me enough and always left me wanting more

    Ka’ell – You have many contributions to narfell. I see you as a behind the scenes leader in terms of the mage guilds and all of the dev work you have done without enough recognition and reward.

    Attentus – Thank you for putting up with me and the rebuild. You do so many things that you don’t have to do but it is appreciated. I wish our characters were able to interact more..

    Bubbles – Your craziness use to intimidate me, then I fell in love.

    Seraphaine – You are the first and the last DM I can remember helping with random crap. It means a lot, and I still remember when you told me ‘It is about time you got your ctoken.”

    Jordash – you’re insane

    Ribs – Making you DM was one of narfell’s best decisions. I regret missing so many of your shouts, your events and asking you whether that giant yellow orange lit portal with flame things and corpses and shades all around it was in fact the portal or not. 😛 The undead demonic chicken exorcism was awesome.

    Pinky – Pinky gave me the most adventures and the most fun in Narfell. We explored the intriguing doom of the green cross knights and ran for our lives, were sucked into damaged portal systems from the attack of the shadow plane on an ancient undead realm. I will miss traveled strange lands, polymorphing into badgers, humping legs, biting crotches and negotiating with the rat poo king.

    Riverthorn – Hitting on aimie in front of Rick constantly was always a blast. I appreciate all of the nice things you had to say and the fun we had together.

    Shadevar – Who could guess such a good paladin would grow into such an evil dm?

    Belthor – Thank you for sending Isaac to jail because of bogus accusations after giving my life to help build norwick’s north wall, coordinating the efforts of dealing with the well and traveling to the fugue and back with you 😛 It actually made me start playing more interesting characters and a wider variety of plots.

    Kanen – Thank you for reading my ridiculous pukwa bellydancer story, the extra ‘…’ meant a lot to me. You are always there (killing me with eastlanders while I was hundred xp from level 6, then dropping a C token on me. :P)

    Andelas – I was always told to watch out for you, but you never killed me once. Despite this, my longest and most in-depth events were yours (and my biggest xp gains =D). Too bad we never developed the yuan-ti plot.

    Masume – The creator of the whole thing… Despite being so busy you still offered your attention to me and I am grateful. Being appointed at your first norwick meeting after coming back, interacting with lance, traveling to Arnath with you for the first time, and attacking poor little Norwick with minions was a dream come true and more than I could ask.

    The same goes for everyone, thank you for the great times.

    For anyone wondering what happened to Isaac ooc… TOO BAD!

    Anyone who read this far must care a little about me. I am student at Tulane in New Orleans and very serious about my major in Biomolecular engineering (with possible minors in physics and/or biology). My website is where you can contact me. I am proud to say that I leave no hard feelings with anyone!

    Nothing but love,

  • @artsiekat said in The Narfell Community:

    are still lurking about. Artsie and I met playing this server back in 2004, and we've been happily married for almost 5 years with a 6 month old son! Would love to hear from you guys. Post a reply

    I just got back into Narfell after a short 13 year hiatus. Funny, since my son is now 13. I know how parenting goes, but Narfing is manageable by setting up a group that meets weekly for a few hours. : ) I went looking for a sketch I think you did of Kharbeh and ran across your flickr account. You and Ghetto did good. Your family is beautiful.

    Cheers - Kerby

  • Very tempting! But we may have to lock the kids in the closet to play. 😛

  • Vault restores are a thing… and I do that thing.

  • Artsieee! Get IG 😄

  • Zyphlin! I'm a lurker, too! At the time you posted I believe I was busy trying to get pregnant with our second son(born Dec. 28 2013). Hope you are doing well and I still think of all you guys, after all, this is where I met my husband. hugs

    Hope life is treating you well. Perhaps if we lurk enough we'll actually say hi within the same year. 😉

    P.S. I'll never be old! 😛

  • D'oh! Someone did it again. Making all the oldies feel older and nostalgic bringing this up.


  • I just happened on to change my password and saw this post. I'm all nostalgic now…

  • The first post in this thread makes me feel very old and very nostalgic…

    Ghetto/Artsie, if you peek back at this thread like us old lurkers have a tendancie to do, I'm happy to hear you both are doing so happy and doing well. 🙂

  • Holy resurrecting thread!

    Going through that first post reading those names really brought back some memories. It's sad I had forgotten so many of those names and characters. Thanks for the bump!

  • Or even better, you can go IG 😛

  • Good to see you still about and kicking 🙂

    oh also, get on IRC, few of us still lurk there now and then

  • Hi everyone! Just peeking around and seeing if any old pals are still lurking about. Artsie and I met playing this server back in 2004, and we've been happily married for almost 5 years with a 6 month old son! Would love to hear from you guys. Post a reply or PM!

    EDIT: oops, this is GhettoBot, not artsiekat. Although we're practically the same person these days 😉

  • Hi Zyphy! waves

    Be back for NWN2? Heads up? Wha-huh? This is what happens when I leave you alone for one night. No more alone time for baby, he obviously gets too lonely. 😛

    And dkg-darrenhead, no hat for you!

  • Hope to see you both in NWN2 🙂 Tell the kitty i said hey.

  • huh? you're not talking about the 'fade to black' after you lost consciousness from getting kicked in the balls are you?

    IRC and I aren't on speaking terms right now, so here is a heads up that Kristine and I might be back for nwn2. Unfortunately the majority of people im trying to find have probably been ban from narfell at one point or another…

  • @f5fb4ae6bc=GhettoBot:

    Dkg – I never really talk to you, but I enjoy your ridiculous and persistent sarcasm

    I made the list, woohoo!

    Take it easy man, i'd like to send you off knowing that Kristine and I got it on IG once or twice.



  • The most beautifull thing of all you said is bout artsikat…..truely finding your other half and being completed is a greater gift then most of us will ever find here in narf.....I wish you both endless happiness and joy...still I am still going to miss the laughter I got whenever I saw your silly log on

    huggles and good thoughts


  • heya nimb, looking forward to seeing you around again 👋 :boogie:

  • Couldn´t agree more with andelas post. Just chill man.

    skiing is not possible when the snow is melting, will be coming back to sweden and narfell in a few weeks - after a 5 months long vacation in austria (great country). Wouldn´t mind hanging out more with you in that dark cave of vinessa´s.