DM Wolfe/Spectral -Guide for interacting with me for best results.

  • How to Best Interact with Wolfe/Spectral

    1-Stay in the Loop:
    Read what I post. If it sparks your interest or your character's curiosity, share your thoughts in the forums or a journal. It helps me understand your character and tailor the game to your liking.
    2-Need to share something private? Send me a direct message on the forums or Discord. I'll get back to you within a day, usually faster. see #13.
    3-Play Your Character, Tell Their Story:
    Dive into your character's shoes and let their tale unfold. The more you immerse yourself, the more vibrant our adventures become. Use the forums, even better stay IC when in game and talk with your fellow players.
    Your character's choices and deeds shape our narrative. Show their true colors through your writing.
    4-Speak Up, Work Together:
    I read everything you post. Even if I don't respond to every little thing, I'm paying attention and taking notes.
    Don't be afraid to reach out. Collaboration makes the game richer. Again, forums or direct message me in discord.
    5-Uncover Secrets, Share Knowledge:
    Love digging into mysteries? Go for it! Explore plot threads, talk to NPCs, and uncover secrets. Just remember, keeping info to yourself messes with everyone's fun.
    6-Hoarding info? Not cool. Let's work together and keep the story rolling.
    7-Hot lead? Don't pursue it alone unless I express that it is "character development plot based on your personal story." Doing so may lead to ending up in the fugue. 5, 6 and 7 are all things you should talk with other players about.
    8-Don't dictate NPC actions in your writing. NPCs are tools for the DM, and their motivations may not be known to players. Stick to your character. Being in a position to give directives to NPC subordinates in-game doesn't guarantee they will follow them.
    9-Pay attention to clues and warnings in static encounters. If you fail to pay attention, you may find yourself in deeper than you had imagined; it's on YOU as a player to be aware. If I put a named mob someplace and you attack it out of hand without realizing it's purple and named, again that's on you. As a DM, I can't be on 24/7, but I do like to leave things for players to find and engage with; these things are best approached with caution and a party usually.
    10-Stay Updated:
    Keep an eye on the forums news articles and Discord events channel. That's where the action is.
    11-Schedule Time for Specific Pursuits:
    If there's something you want to pursue, schedule a time with me. Other DMs may not know my plots, and vice versa, so don't expect another DM to be around to run my plot line. Scheduling helps us involve more people and ensures I'm present as a DM. Remember, this is a game, not a job.
    12-Respect Game Mechanics and Server Rules:
    Have respect for the game mechanics and the server rules. "Exploiting or abusing known broken mechanics" is abusive to every player and staff member trying to build a fun, balanced place for us all to play.
    13-Example of a Good Interaction:
    Wolfhere — 04/10/2024 9:22 PM
    Noemi is going to listen to people's individual stories. This man lost his son...This woman lost her father. This one spied the king with three consorts. She'll try to separate fact from fiction.In the end, after a week or two, she'll try to compose a song that resonates with the people. She'll play it at the Mermaid and taverns in the docks, and even the Regal Maid. If she does her job well enough, and makes it catchy enough, perhaps the tips will get higher. Perhaps the song will become well enough known that word will get to the regency, and they will stop turning a blind eye to the people's plight out of embarrassment or anger.Who knows. It's how bards change things for better or worse, and Noemi is not very lawful, very good-natured, and likes coin.
    Wolfe — 04/10/2024 9:24 PM
    sounds good, do you intend to write the song?
    Wolfhere — 04/10/2024 9:24 PM
    I might actually do it. I'm no bard IRL though.