Noemi - My Circus of Thoughts

  • A collection of thoughts of musings from "Dragon Eyes"

  • Entry 8

    I’ve accomplished so much in this violent land.

    I know I’ve gotten better. I’ve gone from, “Oh gods…GIANTS!”, and running before I get smooshed to beating them back with crossbow, shield and spear. I’ve gathered some items of magic through the spoils of evil doers and monsters, seen strange lands I’ve only imagined and made some friends.

    Some of the people here are very generous and just want to help. I’ll have to remember to be one of those people once I’ve made my way. Sometimes I feel like I’m taking advantage of them, and perhaps I am, but there will hopefully be a time where I can afford to give away some of the things that no longer matter to me, but matter to others a lot.

    A dwarven priest named Thorin has asked me to chronicle some pilgrimage of the dwarves. I’m not sure what this entails, but I told him that I would use this opportunity to pick up their language so that I may record it correctly. I have found the dwarves to be people of boisterous heart, and I look forward to this journey.

  • Entry 7

    Duh moment of the year. Giant man-eating bats can see invisible objects. I can be such an idiot sometimes!

  • Entry 6

    I met the man who stocks my favorite merchant stall. His name is “Sam”. (readers will note little hearts around the name). He’s refreshingly calm. His relaxed demeanor is infectious, and it’s easy to be comfortable around him. He’s an ascetic from parts west, so I have no doubt he’s taken some unfortunate vows, but a girl can dream, can’t she? It would be fun to ride him into the sunset, so to speak (more hearts, some with mischievous faces).

    Blue and I had a genuinely scary adventure. We found a crack in a cave wall that led to a place full of evil spirits and demon binder echoes. Noped right out of there.

    I had a grand adventure with Tory and Vin, who are my insanity buddies. I think they really are crazy, but they get the job done fighting all sorts of villainy who would assault our little city. Vin gave me a wondrous pair of boots, and I grabbed enough cash to purchase the spear I was looking at. Things are looking up, for the most part.
    I attended the “fight night” hosted in Norwick, and met all sorts of grand warriors I have never met. If I’m going to make my mark in this world, it looks like I’m going to have to step up my game.

    Oh, and elves still suck. Snooty and arrogant to the last. Remind me to learn Dwarvish one day.

  • Entry 5

    "She who fights with monsters might take care lest she thereby become a monster"

    I’ve heard that saying before. I don’t recall where, but it does I think, apply to me. I have killed more in one week since coming to this land than I have all my previous life. Orcs, ogre like things, giants, and fish people. All very much evil, or so I’m told. But sometimes I wonder who the monster is.

    I know the orcs raid the farms out west. Fighting them seemed … reasonable. The kobolds raid the farms. The bandits prey upon the weak. The giants on everyone. This land is a never-ending battle it seems. I suppose that’s why it seems to breed powerful warriors. But my worry is that I found myself relishing the thought of battle, something I never even considered possible. I’m the one who sings about the warriors. I am not one of them.

    Speaking of warriors, I’ve met all manner of people, many of them skilled in fighting unarmed. I even met another like me named Alarn, but he’s an elf and quite frankly, I never understood them. I like the dwarves. They have a zest for things in excess, whether it’s ale or fighting. There’s Tory the sneaky wizard who makes me laugh. The sneaky warrior Vin. Blue who’s quiet and demure, humble but skilled. The Bochonok brothers. Pingui of the many words. Just so many.

    If I start to become a monster, I hope these people, some I might even call friends, turn to me and lead me from that path. I have a sneaking suspicion that many of them however, will gladly lead me down it.

  • Entry 4

    I’m genuinely surprised that my appearance doesn’t phase the people I meet. I wonder what’s transpired here that makes them so open to people with differences. People that I met in Tethyr and Damara are far more close-minded.

    I traveled with a woman named Blue, and other’s named Vin, and Jimmy. A lot of people I’ve seen or met know how to fight very well without weapons. Are weapons that scarce or is it a test of skill?

    Regardless, we went scouting to find evidence of the giants cutting trees. We traveled to a place called Mintas, and when we got there the forest came alive with large magical animals. There were several times things got dicey, but we prevailed. We found the evidence, along with a couple of giant caches where they were stowing potions. We help ourselves (smiley face).

  • Entry 3

    I was traveling north on the riverboat from Norwick back to Peltarch, and what did Styx and I see?

    Frost giants felling trees … on the west bank!

    Upon my arrival to Peltarch, I notified the militia immediately. I hope there’s some reward, my coin purse grows lighter by the day.

  • Entry 2

    I thought this city was peaceful, right up until the Giants attacked. I stayed well behind the walls, listened to the rumors and shouting, and prayed to Tymora for luck for the city soldiers. Perhaps this isn’t the best place to stay.

    A few days later, I played a song for a wizard named “Salin”. It’s an original based on an idea that I had about a scholar who reads the journal of a woman who lived hundreds of years ago, and falls in love with her. Separated forever by time, he eschews other relationships, and gets caught up in researching everything about her. He ultimately dies alone, questing for something that will never be. Salin paid me handsomely for it. Much more than he needed to, but I’ll take it.

    Then he, a woman warrior named Arris and a dwarven monk “Axer” went out to seek vengeance on our fallen soldiers and slay a giant. I wasn’t going to come along, but curiosity got the better of me and I went anyway.

    What a mistake…

    I’m ill suited for slaying giants. I almost died, and had to crawl into a cave and hide. I thought the Wizard Salin would protect me with his magic somehow, but I suppose that was a rather large assumption. Regardless they slew many giants, while I sang songs of encouragement and shot them with my crossbow. Rather anticlimactic really. I considered myself quite adequate at defending myself, but I guess I was rather delusional. The cuts, scrapes and blood all over my clothing is testament to that.

  • Entry 1

    Well, here I am. Peltarch. The self-proclaimed jewel.

    It’s not a bad little city. Peaceful and friendly. A few of the merchants caught sight of my face and seemed rather non-plussed. One merchant even mentioned that there were a few others like me, which gives me hope for some semblance of acceptance.

    I spent a several days visiting the various shops. Before I left, I shamelessly absconded with some of Rico’s things. We had been saving diligently for life after the circus, so I know he wouldn’t mind. Rico, if you’re looking down on me from on high by Tymora’s side, please know that I still think of you.

    As a result, I had what I thought to be a rather large sum. I sold the gemstones in Steppenhall, and had more than enough coin to buy myself some magical protection and some good bolts for my crossbow. I visited numerous shops around the region, along with a small berg called “Norwick” and “Hin Hold”. Of all the places though, “Sam’s Shop” offered the best prices. I bought a VERY nice necklace from him at a great price. There was a shop just south of the city that catered to the elite and wealthy. I took one look around and went elsewhere.

    I met a nice elven priestess who goes by Thau’lira. I saw her hanging around the common area, almost like some welcoming committee. She approached me as a sat down to rest my weary feet, and enticed me into conversation.

    Now it’s time to earn my supper. I’ll play a few tunes in the Mermaid and see how generous the locals are.