Build 922

  • DM

    • Horse bug "fix".
    • Fixes to Black Waters boss's AI.
    • Added Prefix to Uthmere & Eastwatch Commoners so you know who's a citizen!
    • Various Merchants have been updated to even out purchase/sale rates including Oscura Coppers, Uthmere, Eastwatch
    • Abyss Map tweaks
    • Map transitions tweaked: Rawlinswood Northeast, The Long Road - Shattered Gates, Icelace Riverside, East of the Pass - Swampland, Druid's Circle, Nars Pass - The Bridge, Nars Pass - The Ridge, The Great Dale - Northwest Dale, Orm Forest, The Great Road - Great Dale - South Rawlins Edge, East of the Pass - West Swamp, Rawlinswood, Northeast Far.
    • PC Housing Tweaks for The Edge and Kenna's Dojo
    • Great Dale Warren Transition fix
    • Norwick Interiors tweaks - now, with no more dropping trash inside the Adventure Mart!
    • Map tweaks to the Great & Ring Barrows. No one asked for more undead, and yet, here we are!
    • Map tweaks: Abandoned Druid Cave, Giantspire Mountains - Obsidian Hills cave entrance, Rawlinswood - Old Norwick Ruins, Rawlinswood - Tainted Animal Den, The -- Great Road - Eastwatch Interiors, The Great Road - Eastwatch
    • LOOT EVENT pretty tweaked (useful for DMs).
    • Party Stroll and Large Battle #rumor-mill notification tweaks (they should be filtered propertly and have more frequency on large battles taking place).
    • Added random adjectives for when an epic creature (CR 139+) is killed and reports to #rumor-mill on Discord.
    • Increased Mazelord CR to 162.