Build 921A

  • Dorakhan


    • Tanners can now craft Traveler's Bags (-60% weight; requires 2 dire bear pelts, min 250 tanning) and Adventurer's Bags (-80% weight; requires 2 stegadon shells, min 350 tanning)
    • Add descriptive text to crystal relic items
    • Crystal relic drop method using temp inventory for changes (no more of that lost item spam or getting stuck with the template item)
    • Add +/- 10,000 values to player shop dialog
    • Divine Wrath now made instant

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed total success reporting on death saving throws. (There was no mechanical background bug, but the total value was displayed was wrong.)
    • Tenser's Transformation spell description now correctly displays 1d6 temp HP PER LEVEL rather than just 1d6 temp HP.



    • Hala's Blacksmith has moved location to open up an room for a gathering area for adventurers.
    • Addition of the Chapel of the Golden Chalice. Temple of Siamorphe Interior.
    • Addition of Thal'zuul's Bazaar of Thaumaturgy. Thayan Store Interior.
    • Addition of the Caleesh Bank of Blackbridge. In the Thermal Caves.
    • Addition of The Traveler's Thread. Tailor in the Thermal Caves.
    • Addition of a new dungeon (new level to existing)


    • Changes to some maps outside Blackbridge.
    • Minor changes to various existing dungeons. Boss tweaks, spawn tweaks.
    • Addition of new ogres for testing.