Build 921

  • Dorakhan
    • Unlocked Arcane Archer prestige class (see wiki)
    • Changes and upgrades to Curios Curios (price changes along with new and specific change crystals; note that looted items will still exist and function the same; random crystals are still available at the store for less)
    • Fixed edge case issue on healing during death saving throws and made messaging more clear
    • Fixed apparent multiclass penalty issue (as enhanced edition apparently started treating PrCs as classes that "count" - Narfell is not intended to have multiclass penalties) that impacted only rare circumstances
    • Half-elves given "strong soul" as a racial feat. please contact a DM to get this feat if you don't already have it and have a half-elf PC.
    • Previous dungeons now have level restrictions removed.
    • Addition of a few new monsters.
    • Changes to some existing monsters.
    • Addition of new Dungeons in existing maps. Hobgoblin and Bugbear mines mines under Blackbridge. (Be careful and feedback is appreciated on difficulty of new dungeons)
    • Fixes to how rarity is calculated for RLG in bosses and mini-bosses
    • Minor map and spawn tweaks
    • Respawn system tweaks