Build 920A

  • DM

    • Fixes to Temple of Sune map and returning names to NPCs.
    • Areas with no spawns will attempt a respawn if past the reset window.
    • Polymorph Zombie no longer attempts to breathe underwater.
    • Black Waters's chest reward tweaks.
    • Hinhold merchants will not pay you exorbitant prices for ill-gotten gains anymore. Sorry.
    • Lost City is now more accessible! Is that a good thing? Only one way to find out!
    • Minor area/spawn tweaks.
    • Fishing dock added to Maria's tower. Fishes not included.
    • Expanded the pet token options so DMs can setup tokens with the dynamic model appearances (0-6).
    • Tweaks to the old inc_appearances.nss (now you can restore old appearance even while the creature is in combat: relevant for DMs using the Appearance tool on PC/NPC during a combat).
    • Tweaks to i_spell_crystal.nss: made it so renaming works and is more intuitive when using any kind of customized-by-DMs spell crystal.