Kay-Tono The Wandering Storyteller

  • Character Name: Kay-Tono Feytom
    NWN Login: PoisonLove
    Narfell Account: PoisonLove

    When our fated line run
    Our final hunt has begun.
    A saying from the elven oasis tribe of the Zakhara High Desert.

    Kay-Tono was part of an Elven Oasis Tribe called The Alor. The Alor were a group of nomads that traveled throughout Zakhara to obtain, learn, and remember knowledge to safeguard it for the generations to benefit from. The Alor also worshiped not the god of knowledge but of survival - Thelandira, be it the reason they seek out knowledge is to protect the future from dark forces. And so Kay-Tono was raised and taught the ways of the Alor from their stories to hunting for within the Zakhara High Desert tomorrow is promised to no man. A trait that was shared throughout the tribe was the act of secrecy where all of the Alor wore hoods to protect one’s face from being remembered and emotionally attached to. Zakhara was the land of fate but also of secrecy, most would shun outsiders due to their deep rooted beliefs. While the many teachings rang true to Kay-Tono and he had learned much from his many years upon the sands, there was one thing he did not know, the one thing that would change the course of his life moving forward. On one fateful night, his mother Elinasta revealed to him his true heritage, that he was born a mutt - a half elf, for melding with man’s blood and sin was looked upon as sacrilege. Though this was a secret that his mother had kept from the tribe under the guise that Kay-Tono was conceived from a courtship with a close friend this revelation shocked him and made him contemplate his place in the world. So the very next night, he left his tribe to wander but to always practice the teachings his tribe had distilled in him - To Hunt, To Learn, To Survive. alt text